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  Install water purifier is no longer a trend but a choice! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 453 Published: 2018-11-22 14:44:02 As the saying goes: food to the water first, water-based net. However, we can not completely understand the daily life of daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, whether as green food, can not decide whether tomorrows fresh air? The only control is that each drink into whether a body of water clean. Why use a water filter? On Earth, wherever there is water, where there is life. The origin of life in the water, drink what kind of water there is what kind of health, more and more people to drink tap water at the same time, more and more at ease, more and more recognized drink water is a serious science problem. In fact, after the water boil, still no way to remove dirt, heavy metals, and other bodies of volatile substances and bacteria. Even if it is treated with chlorine gas, these problems still exist, and after chlorine antivirus, there will be residual chlorine present in the water. So boil water, you can only eliminate some bacteria, no way to deal with sediment, rust, heavy metals. Water purifier will need to further address these issues. The benefits of using water purifier? For families, the installation of a home water purifier can be said to have a home in a small water plant, and is the kind to be able to directly obtain clean water piped family special. Not only high purity water, but also very convenient, so that people can always drink healthy water quality, but also with respect to bottled water and bottled water is safer, but also eliminates the need for a family spending a small fortune. 1. Although cleaner than plain water to boil drinking water, and some bacteria had died, but alum in water, sediment, rust, high temperature resistant bacteria, Chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances can not be removed even if boiled. 2. peace of mind than bottled water, save money with a lot of people drink bottled water instead of tap water, but bottled water on the market was mixed, the quality of worrying. Also bottled water must finish within a certain time deadline, a large number of breeding bacteria microbes, harmful to human health. 3. more effective removal of harmful substances in the water purifier mostly works through various filters (e.g. PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, ozone sterilization, etc.) The aqueous layers purification, to achieve the purpose of removing impurities. PP cotton filter by a tap, granular activated carbon filter, PP cotton filter, ROFilter and ozone sterilization, the removal of other substances in the water sediment, rust, colloid, bacteria, suspended solids and the like. Maximum use of the water purifier is water purification, purification by adsorption of activated carbon, KDF filter out suspended solids, bacteria, rust, algae, microorganisms and other impurities in tap water, that the daily drinking water becomes pure; purification you can also filter out the chlorine in tap water, filtered water to drink healthier. 4. assured that the child is safe to drink good drinking habits can make children more intelligent. Experts survey found that some parents prepare pregnant, pregnancy stages, because unhealthy drinking water, resulting in poor development of the baby after birth is not good physique. Thus, pure drinking water is directly related to childrens health. The younger the child, the required body of water content ratio is higher, the impact drinking water quality on children will be.

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