Patio joint Lynx Elf madness interpretation of the spirit be

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   double 11 on the eve of Chinese net drinking together leading brands Patio AI intelligent speaker brand Lynx wizard, open a series of activities to demonstrate smart technology to bring a new way of life.

   behind this successful cooperation, more people see is the Patio as innovation in the domestic big top, and that kind of spirit Lynx pursuit of "the spirit of madness," the ultimate, powerful combination, so that more people see the power of Chinese wisdom made.


   madness spirit Lynx Elf

   New Lynx Elf sugar Magic Stone Gray, chief designer Li Jian Ye Jieshao said that since his entry Alibaba manual three months of intelligence lab, he felt the spirit of what Lynx design team that "not madness does not survive" spirit.

   The Lynx elf magic stone gray, the Lynx team spirit of madness show the most spirit. In appearance texture design the details, Lynx elf design team faced two choices: fire patterns, high yield, but the texture uneven distribution ineffective; drying grain, texture and diverse, showing the natural and delicate, but the process has some instability. Finally, to improve the overall design aesthetic, team or bite the bullet and choose a more challenging process of drying grain.

   You know, standard pricing Lynx wizard sugar is 199 yuan, 11 in the two-year mix of different from intelligent accessories, but only drop the price does not increase, the direct benefits to 89 yuan ultra-low prices, is Pratt & Whitney for the public. But this did not justify the price maker lax, but remained the ultimate pursuit of excellence in spirit, this performance is nothing less than "madness."

   This spirit is very demanding for a product to the ultimate pursuit of every detail, but also represents a serious and responsible for the user, and early heart for the world to change.

   regardless of how to describe the name, this spirit prevalent in every successful brands, from early in the morning to drink a glass of water to brush your teeth before going to bed, there are people in the pursuit of the ultimate experience and a thousand times try to do our best.

   Patio focus on the spirit of

   As to focus on net as drinking water for 20 years Patio, since inception has been focused on everyone to drink this every day to do on the "little things", strive for excellence, innovation, Patio has access to drinkingSpecial water machine water purifier, household water supply systems, water purification machine for water-saving devices, intelligent devices, water quality testing hundreds of national patents, advanced technology to ensure the safety of good water.

   In 2005, the then ordinary drinking fountains can guarantee the normal heating already satisfy the public demand, Patio thought that ordinary drinking place a long, dry and so will cause secondary pollution, fresh water, etc. problem, Patio after a long testing, research and development and production of energy-saving no heat lamps speed hot water dispenser.

   Since 1998, Patio and always "comprehensive solution provider of drinking water" as the direction of future development of enterprises, with household water purification products, household drinking water products, commercial net / drinking water equipment and other products; also China established the dynamic monitoring of water quality database, to achieve the water quality in different regions to provide customized clean water solutions, product range covers domestic, commercial, whole house water purification and other aspects.

   and the recent launch of the IOT Lynx wizard without bucket water purifiers KRL3863, no barrel from space-saving design, equipped with Lynx wizard to implement voice control, real-time status report on water quality, innovation and lead the still Patio water industry under a smart upgrade.

   No outer tank Lynx IOT design wizard water purifier KRL3863 employed, not only can effectively save nearly half of the kitchen space, and by eliminating the need to store external water tub, i.e., can be achieved by filtration ready to drink, but also to avoid excessive water purification process due to link, and may cause secondary pollution, ensure fresh water.

   in the most critical function of water purification, IOT Lynx wizard water purifier KRL3863 five four-core fine filtration system that can effectively intercept total solid solubility in water, including bacteria and arsenic, cadmium, chromium ( hexavalent), heavy metals such as lead, and adsorbed water heterochromatic odor, with a strong strength to ensure clean water for clean water, giving users assured drinking water.


   The most pleasant surprise is the Patio IOT Lynx Wizard water purifiers user-friendly features of the design KRL3863, 400G RO membrane to bring a large flow of water faster speed, then 200 ml of water over a cup of just 12 seconds, reducing the user waiting time; water, water purification isolated double design, according to scenario needs domestic water, water purification switch at any time of life, direct drinking water, such as rice washing vegetables with water, milk, tea with foam water,Giving the user more comfortable and considerate.

   in the treatment of waste water purifier issues, IOT Lynx KRL3863 wizard water purifier is sparing no effort, that by increasing the flow velocity filter membrane surface, effectively reducing the accumulation of contaminants, accelerate permeation rate achieved a water efficiency standards, to maintain a high filtration efficiency.

   compared to conventional water purifiers produce a cup of water required to produce three cups of waste water, production of this product to achieve the 1.5 cups water to produce only a cup of waste water, in this behind the success, reflecting on the Patio fine grinding product.


   In addition to excellent water purification strength, IOT Lynx wizard water purifier KRL3863 most innovative design that AI will be intelligent speaker Lynx spirit it is equipped to achieve Cross-border integration of intelligent voice and networking technology, capable of voice conversations directly with the water purifier, to all intelligent user experience.

   combined IOT intelligent voice interaction and networking technology, the creation of full voice control, IOT Lynx wizard water purifier KRL3863 no key operation, not only can real-time monitoring filter life status, see TDS water quality value, the total water consumption, net amount of water, pure water and other data, can also be manipulated by voice purifier switching power supply, manual flushing, may at any time order Lynx sprite status reporting quality, can rely on known hearing purification the data situations harvest wide acclaim.


   It is worth mentioning that the self-developed Patio FMS intelligent filter management system patented technology to water quality according to the consumers home, "chlorine", "turbidity "," TDS value "and the" number of users "of these four dimensions to estimate the filter life science, filter management to achieve" personal customization. "

   Patio IOT Lynx wizard without bucket water purifier KRL3863 upon itself superior water purification strength, Lynx spirit of innovation introduced, not only allows users to easily enjoy the convenience of smart home life, but also Patio again let go in the front end of the water industry, innovation under the guidance of an intelligent upgrade, so intelligent as a new evaluation dimensions era of small home appliances to consumers in this kind of water purifier.

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