Small household appliance market force to drivmwater purifie

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  Small household appliance market force to drive the market of household water purifiers: Tim net water purifier Views: 498 Date: 2017-1-6 9:52:59 2016 small household appliance market as a whole for the better, thanks to the size of the appliance manufacturers the large number of offers and activities. Plus consumers for small domestic appliance brands like increasing extent, small domestic appliances market structure is more reasonable. Kitchen water purifiers and other small appliances life, perhaps because innovation technology manufacturers, continue to support the national policy, the continuous increase activity and set off a wave of new wave of development. 灏忓鐢靛競鍦哄彂鍔涘甫鍔ㄥ鐢ㄥ噣姘村櫒甯傚満_鍑€姘村櫒 On the one hand foreign products to enter the high-end market, increase competitiveness. Our brands such as Haier and other technological innovation, has been ahead of the world, and price concessions, mature technology, more competitive with foreign products growing; on the other hand, national policy support, efforts to revitalize the corporate entity, expected to reduce corporate taxes or and other favorable policies to improve the level of Chinas manufacturing industry has become the fundamental way to improve stimulate domestic demand and household electrical appliance enterprises in the economy is more important to create a more relaxed environment conducive to foreign investment enterprises to go abroad, and to stimulate development of the industry power, prompting the industry to high-end, intelligent transformation. It is noteworthy that, with the economic development, consumer demand for quality of life significantly increased. A growing number of small household electrical appliances into their daily lives, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, kettles, of which rice cookers, kettles small appliances are frequently used in daily life. But more small home appliances, such as electric toothbrushes penetration, sweeping machines, water purifiers, etc. is not high. It is understood that the current domestic rice cooker penetration rate of around 60%, while Japan, South Korea and other foreign markets penetration rate of 100%. Electric toothbrushes, sweeping machines, water purifiers and other home appliances penetration rate of only 5% to 10%, but foreign penetration as high as 80% to 90%. The reasons for this are twofold, one is not because of some small appliances like TV, refrigerators, washing machines as part of the necessities of life, the majority of consumer attitudes still there is a gap with the developed countries; on the other hand domestic small household appliances market disorder, some substandard products into the market, while the lack of after-sales service, allowing consumers to use small appliances lower satisfaction, lower repo rate, the market lacks a good reputation. butWith the small domestic appliance market is gradually being taken seriously, small appliances will regulate the market order. The increase in revenue caused by raising the consumption quality, the development of small domestic appliances market is bullish.

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