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   With the continuous improvement of living standards, began the pursuit of quality of life, healthy drinking water, which is now many families expect. But drinking water environment is not optimistic, the constant exposure of water pollution incidents, so that the masses fear. Thus in recent years, the development of water purification industry very quickly, and with its consumer requirements continue to increase, water purifier industry has begun tend to be high-end brand positioning, and some have not the ability to develop small business market has gradually been eliminated.


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water purification industry brand positioning - tend to high-end

   high-end brand positioning is the brand holders through certain planning packaging, consumer or marketing agents in mind to get a higher influence. When looking for water purifier brand agency perhaps many agents will hear the topic of positioning, but you know the so-called high-end brand positioning statement come from it?

   The fundamental reason is that the net water companies confuse the goals and means, even upside down, the high-end as a means, or even just as a rude means that the problem is the high-end price. In fact, pricing decisions are brand water purification products: water purification product price increases, because it put a water purification product brand into a high-end brands, so quotations, to do high-end brands.

   may be obtained from the price, perhaps obtained from the packaging, the concept may be obtained from, perhaps obtained from the water purifier product features, or even available on the target area, as long as there is market demand, there are too many options can be placed in the segment targeting decisions, price discrimination is just one of it.

   In fact, in a sense, the high-end positioning of clean water, but a price war, most of the people the impression that the price war is the price, but never thought the price war may be price increases, price is not a price war does it do? price discrimination is also a price war, but this pricing strategy and brand positioning can not be confused.

   Therefore, it is high-end brand in the market, what the high- and low, in the final analysis knowledge of a price-war in disguise statement. Brand positioning in the true sense, should enhance R & D capability to ensure quality water purification products and efficient function. Rather than to imitate, this will only lead to the homogenization of the water purification industry trend of more and more serious.

   Now brand positioning on the market, ordinary consumers of their poorly understood, are slowly forming a subconscious third parties and spread through the hype. But not what brands are confused, in the evolution of domestic water purifier market in 20 years, not a lack of good brand. Indeed water purification industry trends in branding, but not blindly price war, to truly improve the overall level of the whole industry is key to the development of the water purifier market.

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