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Many people understand that "own door, water does not rot "the truth. In fact, it is also very suitable for water purification, when a large amount of water, running water purification material in contact with the regular flow, without long-term use, water purification materials would be immersed in the old water, and adheres to the net substances the water surface of the material long-term interaction, even the breeding of bacteria, leading to deterioration of water quality, therefore, must be maintained regularly washed.




a timely flushing water purifier


When the long-term use of household water purifiers or water purifier used again, the need for cleaning the washing water purifier if you do not use a few days, the water purifier can clean 3-5 minutes. If more than 10 days or longer, you need to wash more than 15 minutes until the inside of the residual water is completely clean, otherwise there may be a water purifier odor.


Second, open the discharge port, impurities excluded


before reuse, the drain must be opened, and the precipitate was removed rust, to prevent clogging of the water purifier, a water outlet or nozzle resorted odors.




Third, close the water inlet


If the water purifier is not used for a long time, the water inlet valve is closed, to avoid excessive pressure, taps off It caused unnecessary damage.


Fourth, if the long downtime, it is recommended to replace the filter


If a long time (such as three months or even longer) do not use a water filter, the filter will lose filtering, water purification They will fail. Cleaning of water purification filters, water purification after cleaning test results are available. If we do not exist, you need to replace the filter.


Fifth, the backwash water purifier filter


If the water filter is not used for more than a month, more likely to breed bacteria and mold in the water purifier filter. To prevent secondary pollution, it is recommended when using the filter cleaned once again. After washing the end, if the water quality is not good, the outlet is too small, you can water purifier upside down.


VI on contact your local dealer after-sales serviceDoor


Of course, if you are not sure, or you do not know where to start, before you start using the water purifier again, you should promptly notify the designated local dealer for your service, you will have a professional engineer site inspections, maintenance of the water purifier, replace the filter material before you continue.


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