41 home listed company in 2018 released the overall performa

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   compared with the 2017 results, the vast majority of business revenue and net profit growth rate decreased significantly, there are a number of companies net profit of negative growth, there is a loss situation a few companies.




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   listed companies in the past year may be adjusted in accordance with the strategic performance data, but the market does not the optimistic case, it may have to be planned down to the semi-annual or even quarterly. External challenges as they come, companies fall behind.

   Recently, the 41 listed domestic companies have released 2018 performance situation. Statistics show that in these 41 companies, there are 38 to achieve revenue growth, net profit growth of 34. However, compared with 2017 results, most of the enterprises of revenue and net profit growth rate decreased significantly, there are a number of companies net profit of negative growth, there is a loss situation a few companies.

   2018 home industry overall development inferior to 2017. Experts in related fields that the market has a cyclical, largely in 2019 will continue the trend of 2018, enterprises need time to adjust.

   by finishing reporter found that the face of the 2018 development trend, there are many companies embarked on a new layout in response to 2019.

   only 17 companies net profit growth over 20%

   recently, including Sofia, still product delivery, Redstar, seagulls live work, regulating the family network, Vantage shares, NVC including 41 listed domestic companies have released 2018 annual report and annual results Letters, disclose the performance of enterprise business covers the fields of custom home, bathroom, home improvement, home appliances and so on.

   In the context of unstable factors in 2018 the economic environment, coupled with the real estate control policy tightening, in the downstream of the household sector were either revenue or net profit, the overall performance "worse" than 2017 .

   41 companies in 2018 net profit rose more than 20% of only 17, with growth of 30% or more of only six, accounting for just over one-seventh of the total number of 41 , respectively, Vantage shares, Dili European home, South-equipment, nature, home, Piano and Meng Jie shares. The revenue growth of more than 30% only nine.

   under the premise of taking into account all areas of distribution, reporters selected among 16 companies, the performance in 2017 and 2018 for two years was compared with that in 2017 more than 30% revenue growth has nine, net profit an increase of more than 30% have seven.

   above 16 companies, the decline in 2017 had 2018 net profit growth compared to 12, of which 5 single-digit growth, and another three in 2017 compared to a net profit sharply reduce, respectively, Bunny, AIA ceiling, three male Aurora, respectively, year on year growth rate of -10.61% - 18.69% - 29.56%.

   above 41 enterprises in 2018 net profit accounted for only seven seats in the 10 billion yuan.

   in the lighting field, with three male Aurora, like the other two companies together into the era of negative growth in net profit, with the Foshan Lighting NVC data showed -8.83% and - 49.16%.

   and lighting business also similar to the flooring industry, the emergence of the overall profit decline, of which Asia Dekor 2018 net profit rose 9.95%, compared to 21.82% growth rate in 2017 a far cry. Flooring industry revenue growth is slowing down, lift up the floor into negative growth, Fillinger 2017 revenue growth was 14.5% in 2018 slipped to 4.83 percent.

   custom home areas, Sofia 2017 net profit of 906 million yuan, an increase of 36.37%, 2018 net profit of 959 million yuan, the growth rate was 5.77%. Still product delivery in 2018 net profit of 484 million yuan, an increase of 27.46%, lower than 2017s 43.24 percent. Top-set record growth rate of decline is more pronounced in 2017 net profit growth of 83.86%, to 2018 was only 3.61%.

   China Internet strategy expert home design, Shenzhen cultural and creative garden design Chinese pine CEO Wang Jianguo told reporters: "external factors that influence changes in the international environment to the enterprises internal reasons that can not be ignored, the home field. compared with other industries, there are a number of problems in itself will, including decades of industry ills - brand products and the relative immaturity of the end consumer, the traditional dealer model of declining non-standard, R & D core CompetitivenessInadequate and so on. The real problem has not been resolved, at this moment more stringent economic stage, it will become more prominent. "

   the stock of the era of product innovation

   appliance industry veteran observers Liu Buchen, said:" home industry has transformed itself from an incremental market, the stock market has become the era of the times, substantial growth in the industry is no longer possible. For now, an upgrade and enhance product innovation; two to develop the international market, increase our overseas market development. "

   Wang Jianguo think this is not necessarily all bad, this time, the strength of the brand itself has carried out if the channel sink, make price adjustments change the business model to make high-dimensional planning dimension reduction operation , the opportunities outweigh the challenges. some have a certain vertical field of professional strength but small businesses, and this was the core values 鈥嬧€媡hey played more time. some are already standardized financial management, and gradually move closer to the realization of capital, they may have to pay more than their peers in standardized financial costs, but they also have the opportunity to go up than their peers, development and integration of large companies.

   Reporters found that the face of the market situation in 2018 and the upcoming new challenge, many companies have started a new layout.

   furniture enterprises secretaries HONGKONG AND Shan told reporters in Sofia, Sofia 2019 will be the channel sink, we continued to dig deep forty-five cities, at the same time speed up store openings. to this, Sofia put forward new development goals for 2019, including the introduction of more new products, new custom closet open 300 stores, 100 meters cabinet Secretary stores, 100 stores doors open up multi-channel optimization and distributors team practice big home strategy, system and digital operations to improve efficiency, enhance the brand power and so on.

   as the Vantage shares kitchen area heads of enterprises in 2019 will force focus on the domestic market. It is understood , Vantage shares will increase product innovation efforts, expanded R & D team, R & D personnel increased since the real estate control policies by, limited growth in the number of new homes reduced potential buyers demand, Vantage shares in 2019 to promote the "TM" policy , to compensate for the impact caused by the sluggish real estate.

   in the field of lighting, NVC will focus in 2019 is planning the extension channels, reduce costs, fine cast, improve and optimize the domestic commercial lighting, home lighting and e-commerce channel expansion,Promote the integration of production optimization within the group, to develop global emerging markets, and increase the terms of its own brand in overseas mature markets such as investment and product innovation, taking into account to adjust its development strategy through asset restructuring and other capital works.

   "The market itself is cyclical, the market dynamics in 2018 will largely continue in 2019, but there will be some changes. Conservatively capitalized companies can not even think conservative, because capital push for it must move forward. strategic listed companies in the past may be adjusted according to the performance data for a year, but in the market is not optimistic about the situation, it may have to be planned down to the semi-annual or even quarterly external challenges as they come, companies fall behind. "Wang Jianguo further noted.

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