Water purifier brand flooding confusing foconsums

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  Since 2000, water purifier production enterprises to grow, rapid recovery and growth of the water purification industry. China water purifier industry has grown to more than 3,000 manufacturers, their number is still an annual rate of 30% -40% growth, leading water purifier market brands increasingly more complicated. Due to the lack of relevant norms water purification industry, the emergence of a large number of water purifier brand on the market, the much vaunted manufacturers more unusual. However, the brand does not stimulate the proliferation of consumer demand, and in fact consumers have the illusion of smoke and mirrors at the time of purchase, complicated and confusing. 鍑€姘村櫒鍝佺墝娉涙互 璁╂秷璐硅€呮墤鏈旇糠绂? width=

It is undeniable that in recent years the water purifier attention and sales are climbing. It followed by, the business of advertising overwhelming. These brands not only large differences in price, and advertised their core technology is varied. "Ultrafiltration" "RO membrane", "reverse osmosis" "sintered activated carbon" and a lot of professional vocabulary see people get confused. Domestic water purifier industry is in a brand melee situation. Resulting in the current domestic water purifier market brand clutter is an important reason, is currently composed of more complex structure of the entire industry. Domestic water purifier market at this stage has three major enterprises: 1, is mainly in urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, large-scale water treatment equipment, water purification technology research and development-based professional enterprises, these enterprises in the development of industrial water purification at the same time, gradually entering the field of household water purification; 2, is a group of involved in the field of water purification appliances or kitchen electric company; 3, some of the water industry in this unrelated companies, when they saw the huge home water purifier market after business opportunities, flocked; now the industry is still not standardized, not only the composition of complex structure, and each enterprise technology roadmap is not uniform, with the corresponding standard system is not perfect, which largely affect the entire healthy development of the industry. At present, the most important problems of domestic water purification appliance industry, market concentration is not high, enterprises cohabitation, there is no brand. In addition, the industry overall low level of technology, many appliances water purification water purification effect is not obvious. At the same time, due to the short time the rise of water purification appliances, lags behind the relevant policies and regulations, government regulation of this sub-sector is not comprehensive. Punish industry chaos, to strengthen the industry regulator and correctly guide the consumer imminent.

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