The difference between raw water and drinking wat and rawhaz

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refers to unpasteurized raw water is filtered treated water, such as rivers, lakes, streams, wells, reservoir water and pond water. The existing drinking water is tap water or drinking water standard water reached the water after advanced treatment 鈥?then transported through pipes to high-quality user to become drinkable water quality. Piping drinking water is characterized by the removal of harmful substances at the same time, retaining the trace elements the body needs, for people of all ages drinking. Therefore, piping drinking water quality is safe drinking water. Contain a wide variety of parasites harmful micro-organisms and zoonotic unboiled water steamer water and raw water will harm varying degrees, also contain varying degrees, from industry, agriculture, chemical contaminants domestic wastewater. Direct drinking may cause infectious diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery and other waterborne parasitic infections and intestinal infectious diseases by pathogenic microorganisms or chemical contamination caused by the acute, subacute, chronic hazards and diseases. That steamer steaming water, steamed bread pan residual water, especially water used repeatedly after the steamer, wherein the original heavy metal nitrite and concentrated, and the content increased. Heavy metals can cause excessive intake respective hazards; nitrite make normal blood oxygen-carrying hemoglobin low iron oxidized into methemoglobin and lose oxygen-carrying capacity. Further, intake of nitrite into the human stomach, gastric acid under the action of the proteolytic reaction product of secondary amine nitrosamines, carcinogenic nitrosamines are two kinds. Above are taken from "Safe Drinking Water and Drinking Water Science" school Sinie Templeton water purifier using activated carbon fiber ACF technology, unique Bi Jie cool carbon fiber at a high speed to remove impurities in the water, chlorine, heavy metals, spores, cysts, organic contaminant compounds, and retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, contaminant filtration capacity is 10 times that of conventional activated carbon water purifier!

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