Xiao Bian Analysis- The Role of thprefilter and features

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  Drink a glass of healthy water, you can live for several years. This is not an exaggeration, but a metaphor, the importance of healthy water for human life is self-evident. Xiao Bian gave you today at a pre-filter in the water purifier. Type water purification filter is very large, activated carbon filters, multi-media filters, filters, pipes, wherein the prefilter is used widely in a relatively strong and practical, as "secondary pollution" nemesis , here we come together to understand the role and characteristics of the pre-filter it. 灏忕紪瑙f瀽锛氭祬璋堝墠缃繃婊ゅ櫒鐨勪綔鐢ㄤ笌鐗圭偣

   then the pre-filter exactly what the role and characteristics of it?

   First, the stainless prefilter effect

   1 can effectively remove solid impurities solute.

   2. The safety device to protect the pipeline system through prefilter.

   3. The pre-filter should be possible to improve the performance and effectiveness of the device, and reduce operating equipment maintenance costs.

   4. This prefilter cleaning sieve silver ion is employed stainless steel, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.



   Second, the pre-filter characteristics

   a simple operation and easy maintenance: As the red globules occurs in the filter, this time the system is the amount of impurities in the filter has prompted much needs to be cleaned up. .

   2 backflush simple: the cleaning process without the use of specialized tools, simply open the valve, or a rotary switch backflush, the system will automatically rinsed, after completion of the flushing red globules It will automatically reset.

   3 Material quality: sieve material selection is silver-plated stainless steel, the valve body is a glass fiber material selection, material selection interior fittings is temperature plastic, while the rubber material is provided with anti-aging properties, all these materials meet drinking water quality standards. .

   4 small easy to maintain: the volume of such a filter is very small, wide application range, and does not require power saving energy. At the same time, to avoid algae growth, so that the maintenance is very simple and convenient. Prefilter price is relatively low, so many companies will choose to use it to improve the safety factor of equipment operation. Currently, drinking water pipes installed in the pre-filter is the most widely used in Germany.

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