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  Water industry in the first quarter decline in overall market crises into opportunities in the future can be expected http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 16:54 on May 22 Source: Aiken home network T


   HC purification Network crown arrival of a new epidemic, the impact on Chinas overall economy in the first quarter of 2020, very intense. GDP fell 6.8% in the first quarter, as the troika pulling the economy: exports and domestic sales, there has been a significant decline in real estate are; the consumer level, too, to reduce household disposable income, a sense of security to decline in the future, leading to reduced consumption, increase savings.

   changes in consumption levels directly affect consumer appliances, water purification products in the first quarter of this year due to the impact of the epidemic, the store re-store the line delay and a long recovery period passenger traffic, closed cell poor service, offline activities can not promotion, home improvement season loss in March and April, a sharp increase this year in terms of water purification companies operating pressure.

   Recently, Orville cloud network released a quarter of the water purifier market analysis, points out the features of the recent development of the water industry:

   First, affected by the epidemic, the overall market fell significantly accelerate online channel to market tilt.

   Second, the epidemic caused by the water industry to accelerate the brand reshuffle.

   Third, intensified price war with low-cost high as the main means of competition.

   Fourth, the product matrix to build, will be the enterprises in the fierce competition in the breakthrough weapon.

   In order to understand more real, more comprehensive status quo before and after the outbreak of the water industry, "Aiken appliances" affect the situation with the epidemic, during the May recovery in the three major issues and how to break down the epidemic were interviewed and machine manufacturers channels, get real feedback line from the market.

   "have influence, but not great."

   "have influence, but not great." Turning to the impact of the epidemic on the water industry, mostly both vendors and channel distributors, reacted so. More detailed that mainly affect the epidemic in mid-March high stage, afraid to go out at this stage the user, and the user interactive stagnation next business lines, sales, installation almost at a standstill. April to May, the overall signs of recovery in the industry significantly.

   Therefore, the short-term impact does not undermine business confidence in the water industry. In the consumer side, users affected by the epidemic attention to the impact on health but to promote the sales of water purification products.

   "a quarter of an impact in the second quarter feeling in recovery, But more and more emphasis on clean water, during the epidemic prevention and control, many customers take the initiative to require the installation of water purifiers. "Tao from a dealer in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Total said so.

   look at this epidemic crisis, more businesses will be considered" crisis in the organic. "

   as a whole is currently under domestic online and offline channels representatives, Suning Tesco feel the power from sources from the epidemic.

   "this outbreak on Chinas economy and peoples lives have had a great impact on many industries and thus suffered a great loss. But the impact on the business Suning clean water is not great, on the one hand, water purification products are major health category, the outbreak improve the health-conscious consumers, the concept of healthy drinking water is extremely popular, stimulate more clean water product purchase requirements; on the other hand, as the wisdom of Suning O2O retail platform, although the line of water purification market has been some impact, but the number of online sales and have a larger increase. "Said Suning Tesco kitchen home improvement company president Liu race.

   April 30, Suning Tesco reload Huaihai Road store opened in Nanjing, sounded the clarion call of retail stores under the recovery line, as the first Suning wisdom version 3.0 of the store floor, the same day traffic recovery rates as high as 120%, the growth rate of sales of water purification products stores also broke through 600%. Moreover, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, other cities are also showing a recovery. fifty-one during sales channels under water purifier line Suning whole showed growth momentum, especially the large flux of high-end water purification products are favored by consumers. water purification products online channel is more flowering, higher than the overall growth rate of 200% .

  , general manager of home appliances division of health Orville cloud network Tian Yali said that along with offline store traffic gradually restored, the market fell below the line will be gradually narrowed, online promotional market because the next node 6.18 blessing, and the line delivery under recovery, the gradual lifting of the ban under the districts background, growth is expected to be maintained.

   "turning crises into opportunities, recount."

   Tian Yali mentioned, no sudden outbreak of the water industry in terms of bringing only short-term business pressures and market downturn, it is more accelerated, "can buy" people focus on water purification products, water purification encourage enterprises, withstood the pressure brought about by the epidemic, to intensify established channels products such as layout, a comprehensive and efficient attitude to meet after the outbreak of the epidemic gradually the market.

   "soldiers to the breakwater to soil cover, the plagueMenacing situation is a challenge, but an opportunity. "Liu said after the race

   outbreak, Suning stores for the first time at the line, developed a variety of sales-out gadgets: live up to people, preferably applet, shopping cart, etc. to share, to buy a lot , but can not go to the stores to provide consumers with convenience. properties of water purification products, and is the perfect combination of these gadgets, in a short time they reversed the sales decline.

   Meanwhile, in order to better enable consumers to feel at ease to purchase the net aquatic products, Suning continue to release well-being and offers: from the end of February on the launch of 24 interest-free installments, so that customers worry-free purchase; joint big water purifier launched 10,000 free trial for 30 days no reason returned

   epidemic. so far, Suning Tesco has sent a total of more than 1000 water purifier free single, healthy drink for consumers to become free of the lucky ones. in addition, Suning from 2018 began the layout of the supermarket stores, as well as covering the sinking 3-4 cloud market retail stores during the epidemic prevention and control, have played a good role, provide a guarantee for the popularity of water purification, presentation, service, providing multiple routes for the sale of clean water.

   "at present, Suning retail cloud has opened more than 6000, we can break through the 10,000 expected by the end and continue to penetrate the market of fresh water sink escort. "Said Liu race.

   large to cooperate with each other in online and offline, around the small specific tactical water purification category, out of Suning Tesco Suning road to recovery characteristics of a water purification business.

   at the same time online and offline carried out under open up, as well as Kang Li roots. during the epidemic prevention and control, Kang Li root by conducting a live sales, to participate in the new Lynx retail, online and offline will open up the final transaction orders by wire guide to the most complete line. [ 123] "epidemic of major health industry has a good upgrade, so that more people on the health industry good. We Bullock Fen always been to users health care for the purpose, during the epidemic prevention and control also reflects the value. "Bullock, general manager of Finland (Nanjing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. Meng Qingdong said.

   back and forth around the epidemic, Finland Bullock made a comprehensive improvement.

   on the quality control, the implementation of the three measures. First, invested more comprehensive testing equipment, in order to have a better product factory standards allow users to get the goods at ease, peace of mind; second, the product secondary packaging, in the original packaging of the two to add another outside layer, so that products can before entering the home userTo disengage the logistics and transport layer, to fully protect the health and safety packaging; Third, Jingdong logistics for product delivery and distribution.

   In marketing, for the case of lower consumer spending during the users epidemic prevention and control, in the case of reasonable control of production costs, profit optimization of the product portfolio offer, about 15% of the implementation of price none none other promotions.

   on the product layout, targeted to launch new vaccination - P9 mobile heating Bullock Finland desktop drink straight. Which products free installation, no master-site, home delivery can be used. Products arbitrarily placed, plug available. After the introduction of 51 period, sales are very popular. June will continue to introduce two new products.



   Bullock Finland launched a targeted vaccination of new mobile heating --P9 desktop drink straight


   In the service, commitment free filter change every year. Filter free delivery to the home each year.

   "We chose the domestic high-quality service provider Suning to help passengers after-sales service, and other in-depth and detailed communication during the epidemic prevention and control, prevention measures do our best to protect Suning customer service also received help to the praise of users feedback. "Meng Qingdong said.

   Similarly, Haier also has a comprehensive layout. Haier water purifier, head of Qu Gui Nan said that Haier water purification is achieved primarily through incremental chain groups and organizations explosion models batch. First performed at the scene segmentation chain group self-driven organization. By advancing chain group contract, to stimulate the vitality of each micro-small, so the dynamic market changes, timely adjustments; second is product through user research, interactions explosion models add volume to promote and achieve incremental.

   "by the strong interaction, in order to subdivide the community to provide users with solutions to the scene. Haier water purifier on the product, combined with the epidemic, product distribution through free installation, sterilization and so the concept of health and DND concept, to meet the different channels different product planning. "Qu Gui Nan said.

   "The significant impact of the epidemic on the line, the dealer can not be opened, but our sales contrarian to achieve 200% growth, during which we did a lot of work." Stoner Stoner water purification CMO bell Yulong said.

   As the United States ELKAY Aiken civilian clean water, public drinking water in China exclusive agents, the United States ERIE Iraq run IQSOFT China exclusive agents, the United States AQUAPHOR Ouke Fei Chinese strategic partners, etc., Stoner Stoner clean water is one of the largest distributor of European and American brands of water purification industry operators.

   the face of the epidemic, Stoner Stoner clean water while actively embrace online marketing trends, conduct live online conduct and old customers to maintain, and investment will be held online, online training sessions and so on.



   "Every month we will host an investment, the number of each watch will have on people." Zhongyu Long said.

   Second, in the marketing strategy, Stoner Stoner water purifier response to the call, issuing vouchers to consumers nationwide, and has done a lot of self-promotion media.



   Mei Chen is a comprehensive collection of international high-end health appliances brand operating company, introduced from abroad a number of well-known international brand health appliances, such as the United States Austrian Secretary Ting air purifier. 2019, formally introduced the German national Feisikanuo water purification products and market development.

   "currently a net importer of water purification products in the domestic market is relatively lacking, so we are optimistic about Feisikanuo development in the Chinese market, although the impact of the epidemic by channel expansion work was stalled, but now has been fully restored, 2020 we will fully develop the Chinese market. "Mei Chen Group chairman Gu Bing said.

   the same as a water industry, some small-scale channels are equally positive start self-help or recovery work.

   "Although the outbreak of the water purifier market motivational, but the industry is still messy, no-name market share has been diluted a lot. I was ready to give up the household products business, turned to engineering products, the main commercial hot and cold whole machine." Jiangxi Jiujiang General Tao says.

   "We do a New Year after the two online activities, lock quality customers through phone calls, door replacement filter, debugging products and other ways to communicate with customers formed a secondary sales. 51 after decoration the customer to pick up, many users in time for pre-season apricot decorate the house, buy a pre-filter and end customers a lot. "Changzhou Overseas Chinese friendship business Chen Anying introduction said.

   As EcoWater products distributor in Changzhou area, Overseas Friends commerce in order to give the customer a better experience during the epidemic prevention and control, one small program to replace the previous, set up a team to build an effective program for small and changes in marketing methods, increase brand trust, better customer maintenance; the second is by water customers to create different micro-channel group, the need forSeeking to make a variety of programs, micro letter spike, buy, then a single store to encourage customers to switch to a single case; the third is a regular node through planning activities, after the store experience to offer customers signing; Fourth, cut into the brand through home improvement company, allowing designers with a single division; Fifth aid distribution, to help distributors do live events, as well as product training, live events do synchronous factory lock customers, enabling customers to know more EcoWater whole house products.

   Even if the epidemic on the water industry had some impact, but that is temporary. Both vendors and channels, have a comprehensive planning and layout in terms of product, marketing, service, development and other outlets. In the long run, water purification products will continue to be gradual, with the further clean up the market, we believe this industry will usher in a broader development.

   Editor: Guo Qiaoshun


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