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Many of my friends are aware of water purifier as a life tool, more and more important in real life, in many places there is water purifier figure, water purifiers cost is not high, but also by its the filtered water is reached the standard drink, which can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants, to ensure clean water. Heres a look at the role of small series and water purifier it!

   1, to improve the water

   common harmful include water, industrial waste, pesticides and contaminated water, heavy water, animal waste water and the like; common harmful substances in the water of bacteria, viruses, E. coli, particulate contaminants, chlorine and the like. Water purifier can purify toxic above water purifier to remove harmful matter contained in the above water. Mission is to present water purification water purification, improve water, water purification installation in the kitchen (ground), viruses can effectively remove the water, impurities, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances, vegetables with purified water, cooking, fruits are soaked It is very healthy and beneficial.

   2, instead of barrels of bottled water

   high cost of bottled water, inappropriate family daily use, bottled water is listed as the most affluent families daily with water, but this method of consumption is too high, not suitable for large-scale use, and the results may not be as water purifier. Bottled drinking water access, high cost, short useful life, are more susceptible to secondary purification. Bottled water is about seventy yuan a barrel range, high cost, and this is a small number of large-scale water purifiers water machined perhaps tap water, well water there is little natural market. Bottled water bucket registration time is short, easy transformation, the use of the adapter with the dispenser in the open form, the air is purified of pollutants.

   the benefits of water purifier

   1, tea: no chlorine taste, tea is more fragrant, more pure.

   2, hot pot with water: Mo unbleached above, n soup, purer flavor.

   3, boil bean soup: 30 minutes fully flowering green beans, soup green water (tap water with red bean soup boiled, the above red foam, and a long time).

   4, cooking, steamed rice, noodles, cooking: no chlorine taste, more fragrant rice.

   5, the electric kettle: no scale, no-clean.

   6, the ophthalmic lens cleaning: reduce scratches cleaner.

   7, face, hands, a bath: skin delicateWhite, no greasy feeling, saving time and detergent.

   8, laundry, towels: no yellow, harden; 10, extend the electrical life: water heaters, washing machines, irons, humidifiers.

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