Water purifier market status of multiple sets of da analysiu

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   recent years due to consumer demand for continuous improvement of quality of life, water purifier market showing a rapid growth trend. Where the water purifier market segments of ultrafiltration water purification products to have a faster growth trend, decision-dog data from market size, market trends, competitive landscape and other aspects of brand data ultrafiltration water purifier market analysis.

   1. The total sales of about 477 million


   Decision dog data show that home water purifier market online last 12 months total sales (Taobao Lynx) approximately 36.02 billion. Ultrafiltration water purifiers in which the last 12 months of total sales (Taobao Lynx) of about 477 million yuan, ultrafiltration water purifiers in September 2017 sales of about 358,744,563.0 yuan, accounting for 16.53% of the entire water purifier market.

   2. The market trend is growing faster

   decision-making data show dog, water purifier online market year on year growth rate of nearly 12 months was 29.12%, ultrafiltration water purifier market online year on year growth rate of nearly 12 months was 63.82%, in September 2017 the same month last year sales growth of 53.0%, it is clear that the rapid growth trend ultrafiltration water purifier.

   3.Top10 brand share accounted for 37.24%


   ultrafiltration water purifier market segment has 14 competitive brands, Top10 brands accounting for 37.24%, relatively competitive brands much higher market concentration. Before September sales of 300 brands are haier / Haier, qinyuan / Patio, Ann Star, accounting for 20.47%, respectively, 9.51%, 8.45% in September top10 ultrafiltration water purifier brand sales ranking, haier / Haier , qinyuan / Patio, Ann Stars market share far more than other brands.

   4.tcl, Ann Star, hungsun / Hong core fast-growing


   can be seen from the top10 brand sales trends, the ultrafiltration water purifier brand sales in the top10 tcl, Ann Star, hungsun / Hong core chain of the fastest growing, an increase of 149.87%, respectively, 46.24%, 42.06%.

   5 Summary

   the changing needs of consumers, to health, safetyAnd convenient changing direction, the enterprise only to seize the market trends, offers to meet consumer demand for products, to the rapid development of competition in the market.

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