Water disinfection by-products bring new pollution

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chlorination of water is used for many years and are still widely used sterilization techniques. The past 20 years, people gradually found that chlorination disinfection at the same time, will produce a series of disinfection by-products, most of which pose a potential threat to human health. It has been found more than 300 kinds of chlorination by-products, many of which chlorinated byproduct demonstrated in animal experiments mutagenic and (or) carcinogenic, teratogenic, and some have (or) neurotoxic effects. E.g. trichloromethane, bromo chloromethane, dichloromethane and dibromo bromoform are carcinogenic to laboratory animals, cho cause liver, kidney and intestinal tumors. Tael generation Class acetic dichloroacetic acid, trichloroacetic acid, dibromo acetic acid, etc. can also be induced liver tumors in mice. Methylene chloride and methyl bromide has been a WH0 dichloro listed in its "Guidelines for Drinking", as the carcinogenic substances and the carcinogenic risk level is determined limits. Many studies have shown that chlorination of drinking water organic extracts were, in the Ames test, mouse bone marrow micronucleus test have mutagenicity, and some also confirmed to have carcinogenic potential. Since chlorine disinfection by-products will produce a large, many products have been used for disinfection of drinking water disinfection. If a chlorine dioxide, ozone, ultraviolet rays, but it can also different types of disinfection by-products appear. The chlorine dioxide disinfection, the main by-product will produce chlorite, chlorate and the like. Ozone disinfection byproducts may bromate and formaldehyde. These by-products can also cause harm to health. From the protection of human health, drinking water disinfection should be performed to minimize the formation of by-products. One of the most important issues which are the source water whether it contains precursors and disinfectant by-products of disinfection. The raw humus organic macromolecules presence of water chlorination, presence of residual material, ozone disinfection chlorite, chlorate and the like produced bromide used chlorine dioxide disinfection. Therefore, to reduce disinfection byproducts precursors, attention and research of many scientists select the best dosage and other problems caused by the disinfectant.


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