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   At this stage, people are the main source of water is tap water, the most direct way is drinking water fountain, but water pollution is very serious at present, most families would have to install a home water purifier provides clean assured drinking water, but many people still misunderstand water purification products, I would like to take chances at home or need to install a water purifier in the end it is actually the most professional answer is:? there is no health benefits or need for it! is the largest demand


   First, there is no need to install a water purifier

   Xiao Bian want to say a word:!? there. Many people will feel in small series alarmist, how can there be so serious, we say that a small partner in rural areas rural water these days, the citys junior partner also said that we drink bottled purified water, no pollution. Xiao Bian come to you talk about why you want to install a water purifier.

   1, water pollution

   believe that water quality in rural areas is certainly good, but since reunification faucets, home in the countryside Xiao Bian is deep, need water when the faucet flow out of the water is always mixed with a lot of sand, rust, water is yellow. And other streaming out of the water looks clean, and dare to use.

   In fact, the water pathogenic microorganisms, heavy metals and organic pollution, three co-exist, contamination of drinking water health hazard situation is grim. Many diseases related to poor water quality and, in recent years, rural people get cancer is also more and more, many of which are caused by drinking water disaster. Since small series into the line, no longer afraid to use the faucet flow directly out of the tap water.

   2, bottled water does not mean healthy water

   general urban water users would order bottled water, but bottled water on the market was mixed, there are water problems and exposure problems barrel, quality the problem is also worrying. Even if we picked the right brand, but bottled water is treated too clean, no reservations microelements, long drink detrimental to human health, especially for children who are growing more prominent side effects. Bottled water and must finish within three days, more than three days, a large number of breeding bacteria microbes, a serious threat to human health.

   3, water pollution larger

   100 years in use urban waterworks coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, conventional chlorination of drinking water treatment process four processes. When tap water containing organic pollution, chlorination, canCan be derived chloroform and other disinfection byproducts, great health hazard to the human body.

   Second, install water purifiers What are the benefits?

   1, family aspects of drinking water

   After installing a water purifier, then do not need bottled water, the current system is drink, fresh and healthy. Household water purifiers water depth treatment is to address the tap water of organic matter, turbidity and odor and color and so on. Water purifier can also filter out the chlorine in tap water, filtered water to drink healthier, no secondary pollution.

   2, healthy diet

   After the water was distilled out with the water purification process of the full grain rice, oily, creamy, good taste and boiled dumplings for soup taste sticky, pot more fresh, more clear, and it is open the appetite, tea flavor thicker, pure color, but also not easy to tea scale.

   3, aspects of everyday household

   using the water purifier treated porcelain tableware, the grease quickly wash the dishes clean as new, save the use of detergents. If our long-term use of treated water purifier, oil tanks attached vegetables can easily wipe off, saving time and effort.

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