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   Recently, in order to "create a better public service" as the theme of the Eighth Chinese public festival was held in Beijing. With the innovative "enabling style public service" concept and continued investment in several areas of poverty alleviation, student, environmental protection, etc., the organizing committees Top-Ho-taek won the 2018 "model year Poverty Reduction Award" and "corporate social responsibility of listed companies a model of "two heavyweight prize.

   Chinese public festival was established in 2011, is the first by the mass media jointly initiated public welfare festival. Aims to promote public spirit, social transfer positive energy. In selecting winners Review Committee agreed that: in 2018, Hao Ze the practice of public projects is different from a simple donation of money or goods, but to use their own industry and technology, is helping by means of modern business as enabling the object, so that the project has a long-term sustainable development of the power and potential.


   Eighth Chinese public festival, the theme of "public to create a better"

   is located in a dry county, Shaanxi Province Taiping Village "Ho Chak industry helping poverty factory "is ho Chak precise response to the national call for poverty alleviation, the" poverty industry "plus" skills poor "stable poverty and promote local projects. For more taipingcun poor labor, transport facilities and other characteristics, Ho Chak workshop on the creation of the Taiping poor villagers in the door. Let the village poor labor utilization slack season into the nearby factory workers, improve their income levels. On this basis, Hao Ze also for the villagers built a training room, library, computer rooms and other facilities, further impart their production skills and scientific knowledge for them to shake off poverty and embark on the road to get rich and create favorable conditions . For this reason, the local government has commented Hao Ze accurate poverty in Taiping is "really help the poor, really poor."

   in terms of care for the healthy growth of young people, Ho Chak efforts to solve the problem of safe drinking water in schools. Prior to survey Chinese Center for Disease Prevention show that in our common cause due to lack of drinking water facilities on campus students develop bad habits of drinking phenomenon. Drinking bottled water is part of the school management is faced with the high cost, easy to produce secondary pollution and campus safety hazard problem; school teachers and students in remote areas of daily drinking water is primarily from tap water, well water and streams. Ho Chak hand in Next Generation Working Committee of Sichuan Province in November 2018 to carry out the "Care for tomorrow School Health drinking water projects?" Project - to provide clean waterEquipment upgrading drinking water facilities part of primary and secondary schools in Sichuan Province, the focus tends to poverty-stricken areas and remote mountainous areas. From pre-54 pilot schools feedback, Ho Chak water purifier stable, good quality, low management cost, convenient operation and maintenance services. It is reported that after the successful implementation of the project, is expected to make the 21 cities and prefectures in Sichuan nearly 200 million students access to safe and healthy drinking water - perfect building campus safe drinking water system to meet the drinking water needs of student health at the school.


  -Ho-taek won Chinas public welfare Festival "Annual Poverty Alleviation model" award

   "drink from the source," Hao Ze eight-year investment in environmental protection to ensure that the more volunteers action to protect water sources of the Yangtze River. Statistics show that as early as 2012 Ho Chak on the joint "Green River" public organization established the first source of the Yangtze River Yangtze River water environmental protection and Ho Chak water purification station house. Installation of water purification house Ho Chak water purification equipment on the one hand to provide security protection for volunteers and local residents stop drinking water, on the other hand can handle domestic wastewater inside the station, avoid the emission of pollution of the Yangtze River water. Over the next eight years, in addition to water purification equipment, routine ongoing maintenance of the house, the Ho Chak employee volunteer and "Green River" in a batch after batch of volunteers, walking at an altitude of 4500 meters of the Qinghai-Tibet line. They guard the safety of drinking water, drinking water publicize knowledge, pick up litter, protect wildlife, promote the continuous improvement of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River.

   "Ho Chak like this is closely related to the audience in the life industry, business, public service with an innate attribute of" Ho Chak welfare activities relevant person in charge said, "We are pleased to continue to carry out public actions, practicing corporate social responsibility we have to think about the future of how to replicate this enabling style public service in more fields of pattern. the purpose reach real business led public service, public service to promote sustainable development. "

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