Why water purifier of stink- The are two reasons

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   In order to facilitate and ensure the safety of drinking water, more and more families choose to install a water purifier. However, some consumers find their own water filter out of the water shortly after the smell. Why water purifier will become smelly? There are reasons the following two points.




Why water purifier of stink? There are two (Photo from Internet)

   One reason, water purifier filter is dirty or has worn

   If the buy is not long, it may be caused by dirty, you should first try to clean, if he will not, you can contact the water purifier service personnel; if it appears dirty for a long time use, it would have to check to see if the filter has been bad, were replaced.

   Second, a long time without water purifier may produce dirty

   If the long-term without water purifier, may cause the machine to breed bacteria and fungi within, causing fermentation of organic matter odor. So long useless water purifier, then, we must remember to rinse before using again.

   Also, before you buy water purifiers, be sure to choose a reliable quality, full-service water purifier brand. So as to avoid problems like the smell of the water and no one accepts frequently.

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