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exaggeration to say that mankind is born of water. Only later, with age, the body of water gradually reduced. 99% of sperm or eggs is water; neonatal body 90% water. After adulthood, reduced to 60% of water; into old age, before dying, the water will be reduced to 50%. Therefore, the water content of human illness and death decisions.


people think that, in addition to drink, drink by drink, coffee, beer, also add moisture. Although these are composed of water, but also temporary relief, add some water. But, in fact, after drinking these beverages, the discharged water will be more than absorbed moisture. After a cup of coffee or a beer, I would often go to the bathroom, and discharged more than the actual drink. Diuretic effects of caffeine or alcohol, the body of water will be taken away. The results may lead to dehydration. Children do not like to drink boiled water, prefer to drink. This is because these beverages bright color, sweet taste. Such drinks usually contain a variety of chemicals and artificial colors. So, we can say these drinks is an artificial sugar confuse the eye, not the water.


should fully absorb water. Based on weight and height, the amount of intake is different. For example, someone 60kg, 170cm, then that person for one day water is the height (60) plus the weight (170) come to 230, and then divided by 100, that is 2.3L. Our bodies will automatically allow water evenly distributed in the body. The salt content in the blood (electrolyte), the water may flow. So, there will be the phenomenon of swelling of the body or dehydration. Eat salty, urine will be reduced, always feel thirsty. This is because the body to reduce the salt concentration in the body.


we can observe the urine to determine how much water should drink. Urine dark in color, taste, then you should drink plenty of water; urine as light as water, you can drink less. Importantly, not all of them need a lot of water intake. When the body cool, water metabolism will slow, this time the excessive intake of water, but negative.


physiological systems of the human body, there is a place regret. Thats where the body does not store water. From this perspective, desert cactus seems better than humans. Furthermore, the body can not effectively sense "dehydration" system, a signal is only sent thirsty resolution state to be dehydrated. Usually feel thirsty and then drinkWater, seems to be no problem. However, thirst explained that it had taken place dehydration. If the lack of body water 1% to 2%, will feel thirsty. So, as usual at this time to drink water, dehydration will continue. As the saying goes: "Before thirsty to drink water, but do not drink too much." This sentence is really talking about wisdom.


Blood in the water, will not drink a lot of water increases, or decreases temporarily because of dehydration. Just for dehydration, the body will make the overall reduction of water, blood becomes thick. Although blood viscosity depends on the solid content of glucose, cholesterol, neutral fat, or the like, however, the amount of water to dissolve the substance (plasma) is also important. Therefore, dehydration continues, it will increase blood viscosity, blood flow will slow down.


Water helps prevent blood coagulation, to help blood circulation, and by sweat or urine, the body of toxins. Water is a natural antihistamine. If the body of water is sufficient, a good moisturizing effect on the skin, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, anti-aging, will relieve itchy skin, and lung and bronchus will get wet, do not cough. Sometimes, like the feeling of hunger thirst. Then if Sufficient water, then, can prevent overeating.


If we body without water, does not occur absorption of nutrients, metabolic reactions produce energy. So, water is life activities essential nutrients. From now on, let us develop a regular habit of drinking it. In this case, all of the bodys cells to drink enough water, it will be a good reward you with a healthy body.



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