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  Road clean and the water clear, the three single village will be in the end of environmental protection: Tim net water purification Views: 592 Date: 2015-11-26 10:31:20 閬撹矾骞插噣姘村彉娓咃紝涓夊崟鏉戝皢鐜繚杩涜鍒板簳 Zhejiang Dongyang three single three rural single village, a little rural areas, have been the focus of environmental protection work as done, and yesterday morning, the three village held a single site will promote garbage classification process is about working in rural areas, in addition to three single-site to various rural villages Commission official, as well as a number of women cadres and villagers, promote the site will be handed out brochures and waste classification proposal nearly 500 events, classification of household trash 510. After the General Assembly, rural living garbage disposal garbage volunteers explain in detail matters related to the villagers. Some villagers said: "Before you saw garbage posters, how can specific points, how do divide the future, I do not really know this will be opened today, I know, and that will throw rotten in the green. bucket, do not throw rotten yellow bucket, this is very simple ah. "three single township recently introduced the" three rural single village life garbage disposal plan ", to achieve waste reduction, recycling and safe. Now village officials SanChan Township 14 administrative villages, the party has accepted to classify and professional training, promotional materials distributed 4,000 copies. The villagers know the basic concepts and how waste sorting garbage. Twelve villages have completed the construction of sun garbage room. According to Tim net water purifier home water purifier Xiao Bian learned: It is now three single three rural single village, on the road less garbage, water ponds and more clean and clear, and eco-friendly concept villagers obviously become strong.

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