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   the morning of October 18, 2018 One Foundation Zhanjiang City water purification project completion ceremony was held in Xiashan Baoman primary school. It is understood that one fund plans to provide clean water for schools purification facilities to ensure children have adequate, healthy drinking water, improvement of drinking water trapped children.


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   ceremony was attended by leading guests to the students distributed a safety glass and cordial interaction with students, visit water purification facilities, try to drink pure water. Activities that "let the children drink safe water" slogan and to advocate for the students to study hard and contribute to the community caring for them.

   It is understood that the Municipal Federation of volunteer service to join one fund, City Board of Education, Youth League, Municipal Water Group organized Internati Zhanjiang Zhanjiang Zhanjiang City Volunteers Association hosted the 2018 one fund clean water projects , the total value of 800,000 yuan to install water purification equipment in 20 schools drinking water health problems Zhanjiang City area built to ensure long-term water quality standards for drinking.

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