Water purifier can -treat disease- Do you believe it

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yesterday afternoon, the Provincial Health Authority held on "Combating illegal production and operation of water purifier special enforcement action" press conference, briefed the meeting this year from June to August 5 investigated the illegal production wading products black dens seized illegal water purification products 1671, total sales amount of 85 million yuan, according to "infectious diseases prevention law," "drinking water health supervision and management measures" given five companies with the most severe administrative punishment. Provincial health supervision welcomed by the masses wading products found suspected illegal conduct timely production of reports, reports of phone: 025-83231006. At the meeting the experts also introduced health monitoring illegal water purifiers hazards and how to choose the right water purifier.

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   this year from June to August, Suzhou, Changzhou, Yangzhou three health inspection agencies jointly launched a prison guard in Jiangsu Province "water purifier to combat the illegal production and operation of special enforcement action." severely crack down on the illegal production of black dens five wading products, namely Teng satisfied that the environmental Protection Technology Co. in Suzhou, Changzhou Chun Miao water treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Global water Cube, Yangzhou US environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Seoul good, Wyatt Technology Co., Ltd. Yangzhou positive environment, this five-volume units suspected of illegal production and sale of water treatment units, health supervision departments were given their 1-3 thousand dollars fine and ordered to immediately correct the violations. It had been illegally sold water purifiers, health supervision department according to sales records, have all recovered. Net

   It is understood that five units involved in the production and sale of "Teng satisfied that the brand water purifier", "Mayer good active straight drinking fountains," "Wyatt genuine pre-filter" dozens of varieties of water heaters were not made wading health permits this document, unlicensed production and business activities evidence. Among them, Suzhou Teng satisfied, Jiangsu Universal, Yangzhou Simmel good three units do not meet the conditions of production (the other two companies for the sale of the company).

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