Seven tips to increase your water purifiesales in stor

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涓冨ぇ鎶€宸ф彁鍗囦綘鐨勫噣姘村櫒鍔犵洘搴楅攢閲? /></p><p>   First, customer enthusiasm for the initiative to explain the </p><p>   that many consumers will have to buy this awareness, shop around, even though many consumers interested in buying water purifiers, They will not sign the order quickly, and always want more than to choose one, choose selected product color, style, function. At this time, the salesman to change strategy, leave aside the question of the order in favor of enthusiastic help each other pick the color, style and function, as long as solve the problem, I believe that your order will get. </p><p>   Second, the use of

   Many consumers have such a mentality, the more things get, the more it wants. The salesman can use this psychology to get orders. For example, a salesman can align customer said: "This product only last section, the more popular recently, no longer purchase the short term, you do not buy, there is no" or he said: "Today, this product offers price deadline, please take the opportunity tomorrow, this product will not enjoy the discounted price. "

   Third, assuming that potential customers have agreed to purchase

   When potential customers again to buy signal, but undecided undecided, we can use "choose one" technique. For example, salespeople can be trained customer said: "I ask you to that section of the red or the blue section, paragraph water purifier water purifier it?" Or: "What is a Friday or Saturday to help send you to your home to install it? "this" two alternatively one "questioning technique, as long as the potential customer is selected, in fact, you help him make a decision, determined to buy.

   Fourth, the first installation experience test results

   Many new products are often not enough consumer confidence in it, then we can suggest that consumers install experience. As long as you have confidence in the product, apply risk, however, as long as the other party after the satisfaction, that is a very good publicity. This "experience test results" technique can also help prospective consumers determined to buy.

   Fifth, ask clever answer type

   rhetorical style answer, that is, when asked about some kind of quasi-consumer water purification products, not just when unfortunately, you have to ask to get the formula orders. As a consumer asked: "do you have pink section of the water purifier?" At this time, the salesman can not answer no, rather to ask:! "Sorry we do not have this color production, but we have white, red, blue color,In those paragraphs where you prefer Which one do? "

   Six, cut the Gordian knot

   Some have tried the above tips, you can not touch each other, you have to use use killer, cut the Gordian knot directly require the prospective customers signed orders, such as the purchase of machinery, remove the pen in the hands of consumers, then consumers bluntly said:. "If you want to buy on to enjoy a healthy quality of running water, immediately when deciding it! "

   seven, humble attitude, coach ask

   in the hassle you, after all of the skills are ineffective, seeing the deal fails, try this method. for example: "a certain manager, although I know that our product is absolutely right for you, but my ability is poor, and can not convince you that I throw in the towel. However, before you leave, please refer to my weakness, so I have a chance to learn to improve okay? "Like this humble words, not only can easily meet each others vanity, but also to eliminate antagonism between them hell show you one side, while encouraging you to give you encouragement, maybe even to the order you recommend unexpected oh.

   is shared by more than a few tips for water purifier sales after that, I believe saw, water purification agents who should be harvested. in fact, water purifiers joined the agency, marketing is the core, only make sales to make money. and have a good marketing approach water purifier manufacturers is your strong backing.

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