So that poor farmers to drink clean water in HunaProvce 202

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   "I never thought, my family and the city people were using clean water." Recently, the Qidong County Feng Qi Xiang Qinghua village villagers didst show when the son returned home, change of home sigh.


   Qinghua village is typical of the lack of water poor villages. 2017, in the water sector and village-poverty task forces work together to implement safe drinking water projects in the village, all the villagers have to drink clean tap water.

   in tackling poverty "two to worry about three guarantees" target, "worry about eating," first of all to drink clean water. Hunan Provincial Water Resources Department will address the shortage of drinking water security in poor areas in the first place of Poverty Reduction. In the past, based on continued investment in Hunan rural safe drinking water projects completed last year invested 2.131 billion yuan, benefiting 1,242,300 filing Li card poverty. 2017, Hunan Provincial Water Resources Department in turn 1.2 million poor people to solve the drinking water safety task decomposition to the county, and sent more than 10 working groups all over the supervision, guidance, first half of the implementation of the national and provincial levels total investment of 980 million yuan.

   to safe drinking water projects in poor areas, Hunan Provincial Water Resources Department plans to implement priority investment priority, given the focus of tilt. The provinces drinking water safety issues need to be addressed 370 million poor people, national and provincial total to be subsidized according to 500 yuan / person standard; another has been planned into the 800,000 poor people ex situ poverty alleviation relocation, the construction of water supply by the ex situ poverty alleviation relocation of funds to comprehensively address; other non-poor, according to the human standard 120 yuan / grant. Meanwhile, the provincial Water Resources Department will encourage all localities by PSL (supplementary mortgage loans), social capital investment, etc., multi-channel, multi-level raise construction funds to safe drinking water. According to the plan, "Thirteen Five" period, rural safe drinking water project in Hunan Province with a total investment reached 11 billion yuan; 2020, Hunan Province will fully solve the problem of safe drinking water for all the poor.

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