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  Water purifier replacement filter what time Come take a look! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 214 Date: 2019-4-1 17:02:27 using a water purifier we all know, the filter element is the most important part of the water purifier, water filtration is good or bad depends on it . The cartridge is a consumable, once started, cartridge filter, ability to deal with pollutants began to decline, until finally the ability to handle contaminants disappear, that is, to filter life. cartridge expires What is the impact? Filtering effect weakened health effects due one filter response is blocked, clogged filter will reduce the water flow, filter less effective, resulting in clean water "clean" reduce the degree, Moreover, the filter will absorb large amounts of organic matter, can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, extended filter can cause water pollution, drinking straight at this time, it would be some harmful impurities absorbed into the body, cause harm to humans. Overworked water purifier waste of money substantially stepwise filtration, for example, a first stage filter clogging --PP quilts, water, sand, rust and other large foreign particles will follow the part of the raw water directly into the second stage filter, so that would is not responsible for filtering large particles of impurities of the second stage filter must assume this extra work, work overload, extremely fast shorten its life. Originally just assume "PP cotton filter" replacement cost at this time, because "from time to time to replace the filter" this bad habit, we need to bear the cost of two double filter even more. A long time without change the filter, run water purification machines will become dull life which makes water purifier is also reduced. How to determine the filter expire? How do we know that the replacement of the filter element of it? Replaced early, that waste, replacing the late would affect the water quality, we will not want to use the water purifier a few thousand dollars, drinking water it is still not safe water, buy water purifier, not a soul in comfort. Generally speaking, the service life of the filter, depending on the water quality of the country, water purifier using different frequencies. . Teach you when to replace the filter of the following circumstances 1, the water flow becomes very small; 2, with the taste of tap water taste decline close, that does not remove the chlorine taste of tap water, indicating adsorption activated carbon filter has been saturated, the activated carbon failure; 2, filter time reaches two years. The event of the above circumstances, the need to replace the filter, but this happens, your filterYou may have already expired.

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