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   to select any one industry investment, first of all have to understand this is the market price, so they took the water dispenser industry in recent years, due to the hot water appliances market, especially household water purifiers being touted. In fact starting in 2008, Chinas water purification industry growth rate remains at more than 40 percent, and even some manufacturers grew by 80 percent use hot to describe the current water purification industry can be described as that is no exaggeration.

   First, the scale of the water purification industry still continue to grow

   According to research found that many home appliance chain stores, water purifier sales area of 鈥嬧€媡he flow of people obviously no worse than other categories of home appliances product. By knowing with the sales staff, the consumers mostly have an idea to buy a water purifier, but due to the current market many brands, by contrast to most of them many times, in order to make a decision, such as sales staff, met every day most consumers question is: "water purifier which brand is good, what was good?", "is not a certain brand water purifiers top ten brands," "brand water purifier first few rows in the rankings." Most consumers have needs in this area, but could how to make the purchase of a good water purifier.

   data show that in 2014, water purifier sales exceeded 20 million units, the market size will reach fifty billion; even so, the industry has to admit, in the domestic market, water purifier market share still far below the water dispenser, bottled water; and water, according to vice president of the China Association Gu Chuan long introduction: at present, the penetration rate of home water purifier between five percent to six percent, and drinking water machine, bottled water penetration is as high as seventy-five percent or more. So once the water purifier developed, will replace drinking fountains, bottled water market share, the development of space will be enormous.

   It is because of the vast market potential, many small businesses are set up temporary production line, Chinas water purifier brand into the blowout period, as of now, the number of large and small domestic market has reached a brand of 3500 and more, although the number of so many have the strength is rare. According to the person in charge: to determine whether the strength of the standard manufacturers mainly in the following aspects: First, have their own core technology; secondly, there is an independent industrial park; Third, with film production capacity; Fourth, there is Perfect Service. Secretary Bot water purifier to remind investors to choose the strength of the manufacturers heavyTo.

   Second, there is the development of water purification industry technical challenges

   Insiders believe that: the complexity of our water quality is the biggest challenge for the technology, which requires manufacturers of water purification program must be made according to local conditions otherwise there may not achieve the desired purification effect, in fact, several years ago, there have been imported brands phenomenon acclimatized, and through in-depth understanding of: product quality is not the problem, but the cause of water quality, in which case, many domestic water purifier manufacturers are establishing water quality laboratory sample; the other is a service core water purifier is the filter, and the filter is part of consumables, different filter life different, such as general PP cotton life of 3-6 months, ultrafiltration membrane service life of 24-36 months ..... rather than replace the filter for too long without replacement may cause "secondary pollution", to replace the filter need professionals to do , which makes products for requested services high.

   Finally, the water purification industry prospects

   the current environmental situation of water that people have heard of, although the state is spending with great efforts, but the process will not happen overnight, it will inevitably result will to find a solution to the drinking water safety products, home water purifier is undoubtedly a good choice, changing consumer attitudes and awareness, will lay the foundation for universal water purifier at the same time the industry will also usher in a broad market.

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