Steady grasp of market segments to help small and medium ent

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   In recent years, the rapid development of water purification industry, but also result in a number of water purifier brand, cohabitation, resulting in complex reasons for this situation, but in which there is a very clear, that is the first-line brand of water purifier in the current market conditions difficulty in transition large and small enterprises in the market segment flexible action, its advantages and flexibility make it the rapid development, with its laborious competition might as well go their separate ways.




steady grasp of market segments to help small and medium enterprises to break through the water purifier (Photo from Internet)

   broken water purifier market, expand business territory

   although the rapid development of small businesses but need to be careful not to blindly expand, secure existing market segments, continued to deepen, step by step a firm foothold in their production, product, marketing and other aspects, rational , solidly expand their business territory in the current water purification industry impetuous calm down.

   Small water purifier need to seek a balance between the practical and decorative products. For example, "Clean water purifier" and "fashion water purifier," a re-appearance features a heavy, hard to say what a good concept, but in the current product design, innovation and lack of homogeneity of the water purification industry, with a more complete or more specific concepts to define their products will make it easier for consumers to remember your merchandise.

   maintain image display terminals

   When it comes to products, it would have to mention the "Terminal." At present, many enterprises in the terminal water purifier put more effort than ever before. Because a good image of the terminal will make the already obscure product instantly turned gorgeous. Consumers are "appearance Association", the beautifully detailed storefront is an effective tool to attract consumers, the difference opponents. But everything goes too far, but the more prettier utterly useless, but the more the more prominent furnishings make being ignored. So run on the terminal image of the need to avoid operational errors "re-decoration light guide" of.

   innovative marketing tools

   and in the sales channel, various buy, factory outlet and other activities dazzling, many companies still are still the most old-fashioned in the minds of consumers trying to cut prices shaping the reputation and sense impressions. But the proliferation of similar and various group activities are in fact virtually undermine the competitiveness of their own brands, so that consumers have a "cheap" and "low end" of the brand image. So companies need water purifierDone more depth and content on marketing, its own brand culture and Chinese traditional culture and other cultural elements of influence can be combined, so that "fast food" to "dinner." How culture, promotion, brand, product effective combination is an important proposition medium and small water purifier companies need to think about the future.

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