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   With the transformation of the modern concept of home, household drinking water treatment abroad, many families no longer adopt the old method, but using as a home water treatment equipment, water purification equipment. Under the kitchen water filter is one of them, the following small series to introduce a cook under water purifiers.


   under the kitchen water purifiers Overview

   Today, prices rise higher and higher, up to a few million square meters, can be described as high cost of land, make full use of every inch of space at home, do not spend much money wasted a minute. Under the kitchen water filter is often installed in the cabinet under the kitchen, it will not only be able to bring clean water to each family, and installation is very simple, convenient, reasonable does not occupy space. When in use, simply open the tap, it is possible to get good clean water, the operation is very fast.

   under the kitchen water filter Features

   21 use of high century - of ultrafiltration, filtration precision of up to 10 nm, filter the water completely rust, silt, bacteria , viruses and other harmful substances, while retaining beneficial minerals and trace elements; add special US imports KDF, effectively remove heavy metals in water, antibacterial chlorine, purely physical filtration principle, food-grade materials, do not add any harmful chemicals, water volume, easily meet the vegetables, cooking needs; installed under the kitchen cupboard, not the space is reasonable, very fast, leak-proof structure unique, automatic water when the filter saturation, into two design principle, automatic sewage construction, the service life of up to 3 years.

   under the kitchen water filter system of water flow

   KDF filter through the water to remove heavy metal ions, and then filtered through an ultrafiltration membrane, the filtered water and a variety of bacteria, rust, colloid , sediment, suspended solids, organic molecules and other harmful substances, and to retain the beneficial minerals and trace elements, and finally from the drinking water outlet to become clean and healthy drinking water.

   under the kitchen as a water purifier kitchen water purification device, having a good adaptability, high cost of adaptation feature of this home now. According to the following general home decor features kitchen installation is the most common form of common installation, the user choose well-known brand manufacturers of qualified products in the choice of the time of purchase.

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