-One size fits all- marketing method is obsolwater purifier

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   too much inventory, and new products to market, and to develop new markets, the company will think of promotional tools. In the eyes of most businesses, the consumer is a good low-cost, with promotional tools will be able to reach the goal. However, the passage of time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers are no longer chasing cheap, cookie-cutter marketing strategy has already lost its appeal, the water purifier business promotional activities in order to attract consumers, the need to develop flexible marketing strategy.


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"one size fits all" marketing method is obsolete water purifier companies need flexibility to adjust strategies

   water purifier sales to increase interaction

   for water purification industry, promotion carried out in the terminal stores is an important way to boost sales and expand brand awareness. But with the development of the industry, more and more conventional marketing tactics do not work, the monotony of the promotional slogan and activities so that consumers could not get the slightest interest, but dealers will lose the enthusiasm and motivation of store promotions.

   develop advocacy strategies for the target consumer group. Water purifier terminal site promotional activities to attract the target consumer group characteristics, explain the products "personality" to attract consumers take the initiative to understand the scene. Distinctive theme, there is a good activity in the form of interactive live events and interesting at the same time consumers need to move in line with the characteristics of the regional market. Only in this way can stimulate consumer interest and participation, only consumers will participate in activities to achieve the purpose of branding and promotion.

   ease consumers "fatigued"

   from the discount to gifts, from cheap to "zero profit" discount, which has been used in the promotion, "the old routine", so that consumers gradually lose the freshness of promotional activities. Now consumers are becoming more sophisticated, they know a lot of promotional activities behind the doorway, so they have the mentality to prepare psychologically while being attracted by promotions. Therefore, the purpose of water purifier business have to figure out terminal promotional activities, in the end is to do branding or sales do pull.

   water purifier companies need to expand according to the purposes of all the promotional activities are designed to focus on the core issues, tactical planning and personnel, time, place, subject, would have to execute in place. Terminal sales is to create a brand image, promote sales for the ultimate goal must be combined with their own resources, to make promotional activitiesPointless, should not blind promotion.

   flexibility to adjust strategies

   look at some of the water purifier business over the years of awareness programs and marketing programs, often will find a lot of similar places. But they missed a very important point, consumer habits and preferences core needs are constantly changing. Water purifier companies must pay close attention to changes in consumer targeted at any time to adjust tactics.

   for the moment promotional activities related to the success or failure of new products on the market to some extent. Water purifier business. Do not underestimate the power of terminal sales, a flexible promotional activities behind the terminal contains a flexibility, multi-faceted look at market brands. The front line, study the market dynamics, the study of consumer demand, employing the methods and consumers to "fall in love", so customers boyfriend.

   water purifier companies often used the "one size fits all" marketing practices, which are not "local conditions." Each region has its own market characteristics, face different markets, water purifiers and business enterprises should first of all have to communicate better distributors in the local fight promotion strategy in all regions "and different", do not let rigid promotional strategies affect the status and sustainability of the regional market of the product.

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