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   "people have no faith can not stand", "honesty is the small letter big stand." Since ancient times, Chinese people are renowned for their "good faith" to act and live by the source, more attention to awaken the "integrity" and urged all walks of life enterprises operating in good faith. 2017 3.15 quality "of Business Herald" community service organizations commitment to integrity demonstration units referral activities, was awarded the "Anhui Province, the quality of service integrity demonstration units" honorary title. This is Victor House with excellent quality and good service following the access to "" 12315 consumer rights service station "and" 12,365 service Quality Supervision Station "award, again won the 3.15-related awards.

   Anhui provincial Federation of Industry during 2017 to 3.15 better implement the China consumer Association consumer rights themes, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, deliberately carried out in good quality, good reputation, good service, less consumer complaints in the enterprise striving "in Anhui Province in 2017 3 15 quality of service integrity demonstration units activities through enterprise reporting, market visits and dozens of media survey, Victor home through layers of review, successfully nominated the same time also received this honor Gujing Group, Anhui Jianghuai automobile and other well-known enterprises.

鍝佸啝涔嬪鑾峰緱鈥滃畨寰界渷璐ㄩ噺鏈嶅姟璇氫俊绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濊崳瑾夌О鍙? src=

Anhui Province, the quality of service integrity demonstration units

鍝佸啝涔嬪鑾峰緱鈥滃畨寰界渷璐ㄩ噺鏈嶅姟璇氫俊绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濊崳瑾夌О鍙? src=

quality supervision 12,365 service stations

鍝佸啝涔嬪鑾峰緱鈥滃畨寰界渷璐ㄩ噺鏈嶅姟璇氫俊绀鸿寖鍗曚綅鈥濊崳瑾夌О鍙? src=

12315 consumer rights protection service station


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