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   All along, small and medium enterprises due to water purifiers strength is not strong, brand awareness is not high, whether in investment in the market competition is still vulnerable, how to make their own marketing channels up and running properly, the product sold, a problem many small and medium enterprises difficult to solve water purifier.

   rely on the existing traditional channels, the market can not do it; there is no market dealers do not know what to do, often it is necessary to profit to dealers, but also putting in a lot of manpower and resources to help dealers make the market, The result is "two monks no water to drink," the responsibility is unknown, expensive and time-consuming, the market did not do a good job. In addition, water purifier manufacturers have to take several models and methods used, such as network wholesale, direct marketing, self-channel, self-built terminals, auxiliary distributors do terminals.

   In theory, these methods are right, but for the strength is not strong small and medium sized water purifier manufacturers, this channel seems neither fish nor fowl. The author summarizes the simple and effective channels are operating three tricks in the practice of law for the factory service.




Small water purifiers difficult to see corporate marketing channels are operating three tricks

   The first one is a factory direct Kanxiang terminal.

   for the focus of the market, manufacturers must be occupied the strategic high ground, or there is no market-based, can not find the right dealer in the market, manufacturers should start your own direct market, the establishment of business in the regional market, by the manufacturers themselves direct sales organization to do terminal. Using this method, we must consider the input-output ratio, there are two kinds of circumstances fit: First, high-yield area, the second is strategic. As economic and cultural center, it has the role models.

   This approach also develop, creating a large number of marketing personnel with professional knowledge, tough style, through practice base, according to a standardized training by marketing management, with a basic model, resulting in a base the combined effect of improved execution, the so-called "third by the plan, seven by execution." Many

   This trick can also be used in areas where dealers do not have confidence of manufacturers in product awareness, recognition is not high, the negotiations with the dealer is very passive, subject to conditions, it would be better start directly from manufacturers market, channel backwards to do, then according to the situation of the market, a paradigm shift.

   The second measure: to do with the dealer market.

   for the dealer network will notCropping Area to promote direct sales distributors, dealers will be set up as a secondary distributor, let the transition in the competition. When the market starts with the second measure, there must be a clear process, 3-6 months to complete the start-up phase, and then implement strategic shift decisively to switch to third measure.

   with the second trick to start the market, there must be a marketing team flies hard and good terminal management capabilities, work hard on the terminal, the manufacturers do market, the dealers do logistics. Campaign, publicity, and create more favorable to the manufacturers "market access" conditions.

   When you start the market, but also the actual situation of the points, one is determined to win the market, a solid foundation of work, the other is the main rally, do some influential building materials market, supermarkets, to for the purpose of investment, once you find the right dealer, and then started the market, not only can help dealers to market bigger and stronger, but also has the right to have control of the market.

   The third measure: the bold to the dealer market to operate.

   the factory sent a client manager, assist or guide their work. This pattern of changes in the market come from the several cases, one in the region to find Xinxin Zu, strong ability of dealers. For example, pure water purifier in Xinyang, Henan total leaf dealers, who have a more advanced business philosophy, and strong economic strength, but also for the operation of the market system have more ability to grasp. The other is the rural market, rural market, non-concentrated markets, but also for dealers to operate independently.

   The third measure with the operation of the market, it is important to control the dealer, the dealer often such a strong ability to access road construction are more familiar with, but for brand building are less familiar with, or do not care so the factory must send Account manager, responsible for brand building and maintenance of the market, the factorys marketing concept, copy to dealers, help dealers to establish second installment of the network, such as using marketing agreements, incentives, year-end rebates and other forms from tied to the interests of the channel members, channel members to establish loyalty manufacturers.

   mind when first built distribution channels for small and medium water purifier manufacturers often is: do it yourself market is not determined, so that dealers do market has no confidence. Dealers for manufacturers of products no confidence, and manufacturers are too superstitious dealer network, dealers always want to rely on existing sales network, made of the results of the market half-baked, flattening out.

   combined with the use of three tricks, we also decided inCompetitive regional market strategy is to suppress the competing products, leading the trend, or follow a low-key, not to be eliminated. For example, we base market, it is necessary to form a strong brand position, so that other weak brands quit, we must resolutely using the first move. The use of three measures, but also on how our products on the market, is a new product to do the old market, or make old products into new markets. The integrated use of three measures, but also the evolution of the relevant sales strategy, advertising strategy, and to enhance the comprehensive use of resources. The market is changing, but the original aim, can only digest with ease.

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