You can soak tea cup stainlessteel

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   stainless steel cup insulation convenient, portable loved by the people, then the stainless steel tea cup can soak it? Presumably Aihe Chas friends want to know, here to give you the answer.




is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation tea, tea and more tea is a lot of the more unique one, both have floral flavor, well received by consumers, for tea understanding of people know that tea is very particular about what a cup of bubble tea flavor, tea is going to affect, the low winter temperatures, good bubble tea readily cooled, stainless steel cup that can bubble tea do?


can be stainless steel tea foam cups, so it is not recommended bubbles. Bubble tea does not produce stainless steel cup carcinogen, can heat a long time, so make tea in the winter it seems to really be good, but from the aspect of nutrition and taste is not recommended for stainless steel cup bubble, the following main reasons :


1, affect the taste of tea, tea is well known to incense known, but if a long soak in the insulation cup of tea, tea less volatile, but also make long soak theophylline, a lot of tannic acid overflow, astringent flavor becomes thickened, affect the taste.


2, will reduce the nutritional value of tea, tea efficacy of both tea and flowers, because flowers and green tea as raw material, it contains vitamins, polyphenols, protein and other heat-labile substance, a long soak in hot water causes these beneficial substances is not well absorbed by the body.


3, if the above tea pesticide residues, long soak, heavy metal content in the tea will increase, adverse human body; insulation cup and also tend to accumulate dirt tea, tea dirt contained trace heavy metals The precipitate is present, is not soluble in water, regular consumption of the human body is not conducive to health.


for the health of you and your family or give convenient stainless steel cup bubble tea bar, this issue of family drinking little knowledge which has been presented in the cup of water to drink water in what safest for you.




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