Walter 2019 Chinese New Year Holiday

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  Walter 2019 Chinese New Year Holiday publish website: Published: 2019-01-11 Dear dealers, users and colleagues: You are good upcoming Spring Festival in 2019, according to the relevant state departments about 2019 inform the Chinese New Year holiday arrangements, combined with our actual situation, as follows. Chinese New Year holiday time: (Saturday) to February 11, 2019 2019 Nian 1 Yue 26 Ri (Xing Qiyi) a total of 17 days holiday. Official work February 12, 2019 (ie the beginning of eight, Tuesday). Dear agents, thank you for your continued support and our concern. Agents also reminded once again, will stop all production during the vacation, holiday inventory in a timely manner, so as not to be affected by production or logistics and express respect. Dear Customer, thank you for your continued trust and support of our products. Need to be reminded, will be suspended during the holiday ordering and delivery, after-sales service users may need to leave a message on the official website or call the companys 400 calls, do not leave a message on the public number (number after 24 hours public will not see voicemail). Dear colleagues, thank you for your hard work over the past year to pay. 2018 we swagger, a big step forward, never cowardly, much to gain. 2019 We continue to open, irresistible force, diligent, must complete, new success next year! As above for the inconvenience please understand, we will try to cooperate. Xiao Bian congratulate you in advance: Happy New Year.

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