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(1) understand the source water: If you live in the city, the water is municipal tap water for daily use, you should know your water is what type of municipal water, river water, or water reservoirs, or groundwater . Your drinking water source water quality conditions about how clean water or groundwater reservoir, still not far from the city upstream pollution of the river. (2) understand the treatment process: understand your municipal water treatment processes, it is the conventional treatment process, or in-depth treatment (domestic water plant in Guangzhou City, South Island, Beijing Waterworks ninth, etc.), or not fully processed (part of the village water precipitation filtration treatment plant may be, there is no disinfection), only a simple process (or only precipitation, filtration no disinfection measures). (3) understand the municipal pipe network your home using direct or secondary water supply: Many cities using constant pressure water supply pipe network directly, but there are a considerable part of the use of secondary water supply. Some secondary water supply management practices, minimum cleaning disinfection several times a year, and some long-term management is not cleaned and disinfected, serious secondary pollution. (4) Know your homes water supply network what kind of material: At present, some cities use galvanized steel pipe, prone to secondary pollution rust, and some use of poor quality water supply material, are likely to cause secondary pollution. Some urban underground water supply network for many years not to be replaced to maintain, and easy to run early once the water supply network, drip, leak, causing secondary pollution of drinking water. (5) Know your household water quality possible problems: The first is the city water supply is too strong a chlorine taste, drinking and washing every day, I feel it difficult to accept, or basically acceptable; the second is the municipal water taste bad, it is difficult to accept ; the third issue is likely to be organic municipal water supply, resulting in a variety of odors smell; fourth is often appear rust red worms and other visible objects, or after getting up every morning to a faucet, water turbidity found, after a few minutes water quality and clean it? Or functional needs of water quality, water quality or that the municipal water supply is now possible organic matter, bacteria, germs, etc., can not meet the needs of current living standards; fifth think the municipal water supply is not drinking water, do not worry drink. We should be very clear water quality in your home and your demand for quality, in order to buy the right home water purifier. Household water purification equipment, net - professional household water purifiers, water softeners shopping guide platform, bringing together a network of well-known brand of water purifier, water softener, salt-free water softener machine for you and your familyHealth escort! Read more exciting Recommended: water purifier NSF and WQA certification process: http: // p = 767 selected household water purifiers note that these four points:? Http: // p = 764

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