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   "big home" industrial integration is constantly breaking the boundaries of the industry, technology-driven digital solutions, through mutual empowerment has become a new consensus to achieve win-win situation for home and real estate brand enterprises.

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   November 26 morning, Redstar and Yuzhou Properties "one-stop home home" strategic cooperation signing ceremony was successfully held in Shanghai. It is reported that the two sides will work together to create "real estate + home" new model seamless joint marketing, service quality and establish a new paradigm of home decoration. Vice President Redstar home Group Co., Ltd. He Xinghua, Assistant President George Yu Chau Group jointly attended the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation.


   "one-stop home home" signing ceremony

   This is the second real estate brand cross-border cooperation with Sony, Agile and other famous enterprises and real estate Meikailong together again and also since the cross-platform marketing wisdom IMP floor, Redstar super flow field is strong ecological chain of home real estate energized upgrade again. The two sides reached a strategic cooperation, will build an integrated full-link cross-marketing system under the covers traffic scene, dissemination activities online and offline.

   It is reported that Redstar and Yuzhou Properties will soon be underway, "home buyers +" packaged services in the country to cooperate floor, the two sides to enhance the brand influence, while marketing efficiency, for both customers together to create " a station set home "quality service experience.

   City eight months 4 200,000 owners, home improvement real estate field flow continued evolution

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   Meikailong Home Group circulation as the leading brand, business more than 30 years, always with enhance the lifestyle of people home for the mission, the country has nearly 400 home shopping business. As Chinas domestic retail first A + H shares, Meikailong through ingenuity and innovation to lead the industry.

   Meikailong property cross-border cooperation in the effort to build "one-stop home home" project, since May 11, 2019 the first official announced a strategic partnership with Sony estate, just eight months , total cooperation, including Agile, Jin Mao, financial record, including six national TOP30 and other real estate giant, has taken to achieve nearly 200 in the sale of real estate "purchase + home" package service cooperation, benefiting a total of 54 city nearly 200,000 home improvement owners.

   He Xinghua, vice president of Redstar Home Group at the signing site, "said MeikailongCross-border marketing of real estate projects after more than three years of exploration and operations have begun to take shape, real estate companies can help get more accurate flow rate, consumers purchase the full life cycle of services to enhance the reputation and reputation. "

   Yuzhou Properties was founded 25 years ago, has always" Dayu, desert to island, "the sages spirit, from Xiamen, to the country. Currently Yuzhou tentacles have extended to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other Hercynian, Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, a large Bay Area, Central and Southwest more than 30 cities 6 large urban agglomerations. in 2009, the real estate sector Yuzhou Group successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

   George Yu, Executive Director of the African Group on this strategic cooperation, "said Yuzhou Properties spirit of all consumer-centric, is committed to the customers details to experience a sense of the letter. Select the Meikailong of cooperation, in the hope that through the cooperation with multi-channel brand enabling consumers to bring more quality service experience. "

   learned that the two sides reached a" one-stop home home "strategic cooperation, the flow level of cooperation, through online and offline mutual drainage, expand both the marketing channels; at the scene level of cooperation, replaced the two sides scene show resources, precision marketing startup mode; in the dissemination level of cooperation, in the form of the spread of cross-border cooperation, dissemination of push each other, accurate touch off; the activity level of cooperation, the two sides will jointly plan to jointly build quality activities, better services and open up both sides Benefits of membership to improve the quality of home improvement customers set home.


He Xinghua, vice president of Redstar home Group

   and Executive Director George Yu Chau Group on behalf of the contracting parties

   can be said the collaboration is an innovative model of real estate ecosystem wisdom marketing, through both the total members to the full cycle of personalized in-depth services, traffic mutual cited share, in the realization basis to enhance marketing efficiency of both the depth solve business and consumer pain points. [ 123]

   at the same time, this cooperation in the drainage weapon blessing Redstar super flow field, will build an exclusive estate home improvement flow field, and give the venue the business and real estate business on the high seas fishing of fish and private Sphere powerful capabilities.

   Redstar continued cross-border cooperation with the real estate industry, once again enlarged the public domain traffic Redstar super flow field, the nurturing of the entire ecological chain of big home, for home and real estate industries have considerable drainage promoting effects.

   seamless stringWith four major cycles, meet "one-stop" home happy

绾㈡槦缇庡嚡榫? src= It is understood that, in the consumer interactive communication level, this "one-stop home home" cooperation program by both the service integration to achieve seamless series purchase, home improvement market, co-incubation purchase home improvement chain "home (good quality rooms), loading (fine decoration), Hui (Hui home purchase), insurance (home maintenance)," the four cycles.

   "one-stop home home" program from the purchase of the beginning, that attract Yuzhou Properties intention customer experience "one-stop home home" express train service. At the same time identify and grab members from Redstar has improved demand section that provides members exclusive purchase offer by the Yuzhou Properties, promote consumption in the ecological cycle; when Yuzhou Properties owners have a home design consultation requirements, Meikailong local mall provides: "soft-mounted package services," home improvement "three free" service "," decoration design consulting, "" Home lecture service "and many other exclusive customized value-added services; when entering the home improvement period, Yuzhou Properties owners in Red star Macalline home shopping to buy home building materials, can participate in exclusive quality home buy and enjoy exclusive preferential; after a successful stay home, for Yuzhou Properties owners, Redstar local mall exclusive offer includes pioneering cleaning, air purifiers and other home services the project

   can say, "one-stop home home" plan is expected to solve customer fundamentally "set home + home" 1-- many professional pain points decision two years, one-stop service to provide quality peace of mind. At the same time, the program can also be truly "real estate + home" seamless joint marketing, enterprise resource sharing between the two sides, another batch of low-cost shared drainage, services and promotional power.

   seen by Redstar and Yuzhou Properties together to create "one-stop home home" cooperation will truly set big buyers of ecosystem services seamlessly into a total benefit of consumers tripartite win-win situation. Construction and wisdom to solve the entire ecological chain of home real estate industry pain points level in far-reaching significance.

   brand enterprises in hand, one trillion market share steadily

瀹跺眳鍗栧満 Redstar home group as circulation of premium brand, introduced in May this year, the Internet giant Ali after war vote, 5G officially entered the era of the fast lane. in the two-eleven opener just after the end of the hand with Ali, the new retail home Meikailong finally crossed the high wall that lie in front of the industry for many years, Wing Gordon home "super traffic king."

   and this cooperation between the two sides scene flow and exchange, diverse content grafting, accurate digital tools applied not only to finalize the whole scene depth digital operations for consumers, but also to brand the two sides to get a multiplier effect, no doubt to set an example for the industry .

绾㈡槦缇庡嚡榫? src= The Redstar cooperation with the Yuzhou Properties aims through this cooperation enabling each other to jointly release the value of the Internet and the home industry, for the industry to establish a replicable model templates . Super flow to the outbreak of every game, the number of simultaneously enhancing intellectual dimension of home and real estate marketing industry, to create common prosperity estate home furnishing chain!

   It showed a profit, January-September 2019, to achieve Macalline operating income of 11.824 billion yuan, an increase of 18.34%. As of September 30, 2019, Redstar operating 85 self-stores, shopping malls tube 234 Committee, 12 home shopping business through strategic cooperation. In addition, the company authorized franchise opened 31 franchise home building projects, including a total of 394 home building materials shop / Industry Street.

   As Redstar accelerate the pace of new retail layout never stop general, home improvement and real estate cross-border cooperation continues, one trillion market share in the future can be!

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