Taiyuan crack secondary water supply residents drinking wate

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   January 5, from Taiyuan urban and rural management committee learned that four ministries issued a "water safety notice on strengthening and improving urban secondary water supply facilities construction and management to ensure that" other policy documents in accordance with the spirit of Taiyuan the government recently issued the "urban residential secondary water supply management Interim provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the "Interim provisions"), to further promote the construction of secondary water supply Taiyuan specialization, standardization, quality Tong Wangtong achieve water services to ensure that secondary water supply, pressure and other indicators have reached the national standard, really crack residential water "last kilometer" of water quality and safety issues.


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Taiyuan crack secondary water supply of drinking water safety issues (Photo from Internet)

   With the increasing Taiyuan City high-rise residential size and number, secondary water supply management was not standardized water quality and service problems caused by increasingly prominent. Preliminary investigations Mo Pai Management Committee and the Urban and Rural Water Supply Group, a total of 4883 water supply by district (part of the building, free of industrial enterprises, government departments and other non-residents), covering more than 800,000 public water supply range in Taiyuan households. Among them, the public water company meter to the home of 31 million households water users, not service to the home of 48 million households. Users are not home services, the municipal pipe network pressure direct supply of more than 250,000 users, to be the second pressurized water supply of a total of nearly 230,000 users (involving 331 cells). In this part of the user scope, due to the secondary water supply facilities construction and management of a diversified, regulatory responsibilities are not clear, responsibility for operation and maintenance is not in place, resulting in some serious leaking facilities and equipment, water services are not standardized, high risk of water pollution, law and order risks and more, and many other issues, the masses are strongly, the introduction of secondary water supply management practices, improve peoples livelihood has become an urgent need.

   "Interim Provisions" were 37, the secondary water supply facilities planning, construction, operation and water quality management fully integrated into the standard range according to the law, to fill the gaps in regulation. Press the "Interim Provisions", city water administrative department in charge of supervision and management of the citys secondary water supply; municipal health administrative department in charge of planning the citys secondary water supply and sanitation supervision and management; competent price administrative department in charge of the city approved work costing and pricing of secondary water supply . Which explicitly for new residential secondary water supply facilities residents, encouraged by the construction of a unified urban water supply enterprises, unified secondary water supply facilities maintenance and management of assets by the urban water supply enterprises. New high-rise residential secondary water supply workCheng shall be designed with the main building engineering, construction, and acceptance of delivery. Of existing secondary water supply facilities, in accordance with national standards in line with the provisions of acceptance, according to relevant regulations, "Property Law", "Property Management Regulations" and other joint decision with the consent of the owners of the transfer of assets from the public water supply company receiving the centralized management; do not meet construction standards and health standards of secondary water supply facilities shall be conducted in accordance with standards transformation, transformation is complete and in accordance with state regulations acceptance, and the owners decided jointly agreed the transfer of assets from the public water supply company to receive unified management. Transformation of the cost of property unit (or property companies), urban public water supply businesses and residents a reasonable share of local financial subsidies. In accordance with the "Interim Provisions", secondary water supply facilities by the unified management of urban water supply enterprises, their operation, maintenance and management responsible for urban water supply enterprises. No transfer of secondary water supply facilities by the original property unit (management unit) in charge of urban public water supply company responsible for the supervision. Secondary water supply operating unit shall establish and improve secondary water supply facilities maintenance, cleaning and disinfection, water quality testing, certificates, file management system, develop emergency response plans and organize drills to ensure that secondary water supply, water pressure, water comply with the relevant standards national, provincial. Secondary water supply facilities operation and management unit shall regularly publicized water quality and maintenance of equipment, cleaning and disinfection, certificates, newspaper archives and other water quality testing local water administrative department of health and family planning administrative departments of the record. At the same time, in accordance with the reasonable requirements of the installation of water quality monitoring equipment, water supply situation in the region to monitor the implementation, monitoring data into a unified city public water quality monitoring platform.

   Experts said the "Interim Provisions" introduced, will promote the Taiyuan secondary water supply facilities construction and management of the disorder, diversified, low standards, and gradually began to orderly and standardized, high standards and high-quality transitions . (Source: Business Po)

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