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   HC purification by water network want to drink contaminated water clean and healthy, our first thought is to purify water purifiers, water purifiers have been widely used at present in the home. Water purifier mainly through multi-purification filter, during operation the filter should be changed regularly will not cause secondary pollution, water purifiers want to use long life, these points you have to do it.

   does not move after installation

   Some users will be free when the mobile device using the product, this can easily lead to no water purifier. Water purifier inside of each of the parts are linked by a joint, if often very easy for mobile accessories damaged, impairing its functionality.

   regular replacement of the filter element

   water purifier is completed through multiple purification filter, different filter life of different materials, so life is generally 3 - about 12 months, but there will be the use of more long filter. There usually use water more turbid, clean the filter no results, this situation is the need to replace the filter.

   Suitable working environment

   water purification installation position to ensure sanitation, not to be brunt of the sun away from heat. Water purifiers have their own home operating parameters, such as how much water, how much pressure, how water quality. You must first understand before using the operating parameters of our equipment installation, if there does not meet the pressure you need to install (increasing) pressure relief valve, if water quality does not meet the need arise to install a pre-filter.

   to be installed outdoors frost

   Some families will choose outdoor installation, freezing measures must be outdoors, or will cause filter bottles, and other membrane shell cracking. To stop the temperature minus use, the water expands in volume of the solidification process, when the ice will directly lead tubing all the water purifier, filter flask, and other membrane shell will burst resulting in water leakage.

   water purifier using a process other than the above points in mind, it is important is the equipment maintenance, and do the proper use, any problems with the course, should promptly contact the brand Repairs, Remember not secretly hands-on maintenance, so as to avoid losses.


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