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   In an increasingly competitive industry, water purification, water purifiers franchisee in order to long-term development, in addition to excellent quality, have to do marketing, then the water purification agents to join it?



   with the changing market, more and more brand competition, more consumer choice, the requirements also higher. Many water purification agents franchisee business suddenly talked, diminishing profitability. Therefore, in the original marketing model, we must be innovative, such as community promotion, marketing, home improvement, and water purifiers top ten brands of fresh water plus several models share today, to keep active marketing.

   First, the attitude clear attention.

   any marketing must be sufficient enough attention to do a good job, regardless of community promotion, if the water purifier franchisee consciousness is not in place, the effect of the activities out of the question. The effect of any active marketing campaign, not overnight can be effective.

   Second, the clear market planning

   clear market planning, you can reduce a lot of unnecessary spending and waste. Engage in active marketing, be clear about what kind of reach of his own mother, have a clear plan, not like headless flies. For example, how many games to be undertaken in 2016 to promote community activities, to keep how many home improvement companies to establish partnerships, several activities are the main activities of several secondary activity is to focus on developing a few quarters, with the focus on establishing that several home improvement company cooperation, the districts activities to be carried out in several steps, how to carry out home improvement design, all active marketing is about how much the cost of inputs such issues should be a good plan.

   Third, establish marketing team

   plus fresh water purifier after a long investigation found that the same investment costs, team net water is the franchisee active marketing activities with remarkable results, but performance also continued to increase, there is no team in water purifier to join, the resources invested like a bad deal, it is difficult to feel a significant effect, so the natural water purificationAn active marketing franchisee investment enthusiasm is not high, encountered new customer target cell is opened, so he did not want to churn the temerity to put a lot of manpower and resources stationed, has not seen the final results will be better. Because there is no sustained follow-up team, to grasp the market information accuracy is not high, inexperienced district extension workers lack skills, so to do active marketing, we must take the initiative to build the marketing team, a dedicated team of managers to manage, a professional training business knowledge, business processes have guidance systems, active marketing work to be orderly.

   the face of increasingly fierce market water purification, aware of the need to change is right, add fresh water purifier water purifier manufacturers hope that the franchisee must pay attention to it, the sales do up.

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