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   China Building Materials News: October 18, by the Ministry of Industry and Research Institute CCID, Chinas electronic newspaper sponsored, Beijing PRC, market research co-organizers of the 2016 Chinese air purifier water purifier industry summit held in Beijing. On behalf of many air purifiers water purification industry well-known brands, with government departments, industry experts, the mainstream channels and dozens of media were discussed on the consumption characteristics of two net industry, product upgrades, hot market, and jointly promote the two net further popularize the market.


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to promote two net market penetration and to upgrade two net industry summit (Photo from Internet)

   During the summit, the Ministry of Industry CCID Institute, Zhongyi Kang, Jingdong Mall jointly issued the "air purifier water purifier consumer Guide" (hereinafter referred to as "consumer Guide"). "Consumer Guide" shows that in 2016 the market will be significantly warmer empty net, water purifier market growth has narrowed, the line has become an important driving force two net market growth. "Consumer Guide" that over three percent of consumers will not be the proper use of two net product, focused on the use of two core components of net product filters and filter elements. At the summit, Jingdong Mall announced a joint 13 net two major manufacturers for the core to initiate action to promote two net market penetration and upgrades.

   empty net to pick up water purification steadily growing online market growth into a power source

   Recalling the development path in recent years, air purifiers and water purifiers has gone from rapid growth to gradually return to rational the process of. 2016 air purifier market significantly warmer, the PRC is expected, retail sales, retail sales will reach 5.88 million units, 14 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2% and 19.3%, respectively. Water purification equipment market performance is still eye-catching, but growth has narrowed. Water purification equipment sales in 2016 will reach 28.5 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7%.

   strong growth in online market two power sources become net growth of the industry. "Consumer Guide" shows that 2015 online retail sales accounted for an air purifier in the overall market was 53% in 2016 is expected to exceed 60%, the proportion of retail sales will reach 46%. While penetration rate continued to rise, the online market is still maintained rapid growth momentum, the next three years, online retail volume and retail sales were 27% and 37% presented CAGR. Water purifier market online growth has slowed, but continued to influenceStrengthening online market penetration steadily.

   During the past National Day, two product line net sales are booming. Jingdong data show that air purifier sales order value increased more than 130%, growth of over 100%, water purifier sales order value increased by more than 80%, a growth of more than 50% ratio. Recently in North China in large areas of fog and haze, the air purifier sales blowout, according to data provided by Jingdong, 13 and 14, two days air purifier sales order amount ring better than the weather conditions on the 11th, 12th, an increase of more than 80%.

   "Consumer Guide" that, for two reasons net selling market is, first, the number of Internet users continues to increase and electricity suppliers supporting the increasingly improved, and second, electronic business platform artificial articulation and promotion of normalization drainage. my countrys rapid economic development and produce external effects of environmental pollution, also driving the demand for consumer products net two.

   over three percent users do not use the filter cartridge with two net is blind

   With the growing concern for the environment and health, consumer acceptance of products continues to increase net two, two net product sales continued to increase. However, "Consumer Guide" noted that more than three percent of consumers will not be the proper use of two net product, focused on performance and replace the filter cartridge. "Consumer Guide" shows that air purifier filter water purifier filter replacement and a "blind spot" for consumer use. 34.9% of users do not know the air purifier filters to be regularly replaced, do not know the water purification filters require periodic replacement and not know how long a user change reaches 31.4% and 38.2%, respectively. The data also showed that 54.1% of the users can not be replaced periodically the air cleaner filter, are mainly due to the high price, convenient replacement, and does not know require periodic replacement. 47.6% of users will not operate due unclear purchase channels, the price can not be replaced periodically because of higher water purifier filter.

   This industry experts point out, as a core component of air purifiers and water purifiers, filters and cartridges have an expiration date, must be promptly replaced. Ability contaminants "extended service" air purifier filter Once saturated, the filter will be greatly attenuated PM2.5 etc., may also lead to secondary pollution; and water purification filters if not promptly replaced, not only fail Purification , will cause harm to humans. Experts also stressed that not promptly replacedFilters and filter, will affect the consumer experience, so that the latter produces the illusion that two net product purification effect is not obvious or does not work, this will have a negative impact on the sustainable and healthy development of both net market.

   Jingdong net for the core operation started two leading companies help the industry upgrade

   In recent years, the countrys high incidence of haze mainly concentrated in November to March, the recent emergence of large-scale fog in North China region haze and lead to public attention.

   At the summit, Jingdong Mall announced that from now on will join Honeywell, Philips, Samsung, the United States, 3M, Patio, Panasonic, LIFAair, Yadu, three father, AO Smith, Bruce Jarre, Angel and other air purifier water purifiers leading enterprises to carry out a series of two net product popularity and escalation. In the first wave of activity, Jingdong Mall launched two net for the core action. In this operation for the core, none jingdong the new and old customers, and particularly for later introduction of the air cleaner purifier 8 fold two filter elements, for later air purifier purifier two filter elements 88 and sent off the like various concessions.

   Ye Bo business unit director of small household appliances water purifiers empty net Jingdong said that as a socially responsible company, Jingdong not only to give consumers the recommended excellent quality, performance products, more important is to help consumers learn to identify and correct use of the product. Yebo Jiang stressed Jingdong will start a series of two net product consumption upgrading and popularization activities in the hope that through this action for the core, so that consumers realize the importance of the timely replacement of two filter elements of net product, and two post-filter saturation secondary pollution, and reduce costs for consumers to buy the machine and replace the filter cartridge. At the same time, Jingdong will take this opportunity to promote the joint development of two outstanding companies with healthy net industry, power industry, the popularity of the net two upgrades provide more and better products and services to two net for Chinese consumers.

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