You do not buy water purifier but a psons health

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   What is happiness Happiness is a concern greetings go out to his family, returned home at the table of delicious dishes;? Happiness is no pain parents are still alive, loving husband and wife no trouble children healthy and safe. Well presented ways there are millions of species, but inseparable from the "health" word. Because health is a guarantee of happiness, but also a source of happiness.

   health and our lifestyle and eating habits are closely related, but with the progress of the times, living standards improve, people encounter more modern diseases and health problems. Drinking water quality and human health have a great relationship, unhealthy drinking water, can cause a variety of diseases, while also endanger the lives and health.

   China both serious and complex problem of water pollution, water pollution incidents are endless, although the state water pollution control efforts continue to increase, but still does not solve the problem of unsafe drinking water.

   At present Chinas urban drinking water standard execution is low, the water treatment process is relatively backward, still use the traditional four-step: coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination. This purification process can only filter larger particles of impurities in the water, but not heavy metal ions and filtration chemicals.

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   Next, during transport of the water, the pipe susceptible to rust, microbial contamination, resulting in household water security can not be guaranteed. Tap water contains impurities and toxic substances, even if the water boil can not be removed, for themselves and their families healthy body stature, household drinking water purification has been the essential part of family life.

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