Redstar invest in Bayishikong Kechuang board lied!

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   2020 January 6, Redstar home shopping Management Limited investment company Beijing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. LCD Bayishikong (hereinafter referred to as "Bayi") officially Kechuang board listed, Branch board became the first listed company since 2020. New Year.



Bayishikong assistant to the chairman Han Hongbo, chairman of the Joint Holding Macalline car built Fang, chairman Bayishikong Zhao Lei, Redstar home industry investment Director investment circumferential Jun (from left to right)


   Bayishikong liquid crystal display material is the main business of development, production and sales of major products for high performance thin film transistor TFT and other mixed liquid crystal material, widely used in the field of high-definition television display terminals, smart phones, computers and the like.

   Since 2004, Zhao Lei at the core of the companys business team continues to delve into the field of liquid crystal material, forge ahead. After 15 years of hard work, Bayishikong has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs in TFT-type liquid crystal material, and covering the field of smart phones, computers, high-definition TVs, automotive displays, smart meters so the whole family. At present, China has become the Bayishikong mastered the core technology of TFT liquid crystal mixture, with independent intellectual property rights and the successful implementation of the industrialization of the three major liquid crystal material companies. At the same time, with the level of technology and innovation strength, Bayishikong in 2015, has become a strategic supplier of LCD panels leading enterprises in domestic BOE TFT liquid crystal material. Its self-developed a number of innovative liquid crystal material products are at the forefront of the country, successfully filled the gap and achieve industrialization.

   The successful listing Kechuang board, greatly improving the Bayishikong influence in the industry. Future, Bayishikong shortage will continue to target countries with gaps in areas related to basic materials, accelerate the introduction of new products and the pace of industrialization, to build the company into an international field of materials show a strong competitor and continuous efforts.

   (Source: Redstar home micro-group official, invasion deleted)

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