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  , The source of kitchen water solutions (FIG.), The source of kitchen water solutions of the following solutions: UF-600L 1000L 1500L 2000L 2200L 2800L common. How it works: 1, the use of membrane technology, effectively remove cement sediment, bacteria, colloids, organic molecules and other harmful substances, to retain beneficial minerals and trace elements right. 2, using a modified PAN hollow fiber membrane materials, health and safety, flux, contamination, stable, long life. 3, the unique design of the structure, the internal pressure filtration, to adapt to a wide pressure range, good self-cleaning effect. 4, small size, high flux, easy to install, use and maintain. 5, low running cost, no electricity, energy saving, easy to install. 6, can be self-cleaning, easy maintenance, no need to replace the filter frequently. Kitchen water purifier of the present product can be tap water sediment, rust, suspended matter, colloidal matter, by purely physical filtration principle all filtered, and the filtered wastewater immediately removed. Effluent meet the national drinking water standards. Large volume of water, can be connected to: solar energy, water boilers. Water heaters. And so on ...... has become an essential household goods. Process of water: sewage flow: Installation method: 1 the required installation tools, tape, brush, Jiedao, screwdriver, wrench; 2, cutting tube (plastic tubes 0, cutter, hob (metal pipe), the expander (plastic pipe); 3, hammer, hammer drill; 1 installation, carefully unpacking, read the instructions and check random parts of any discrepancy, please contact the dealer 2, imports of raw water to open up wash water outlet,... protective agents excluded. 3, poured into water, slightly shaking, pouring the cleaning liquid. thus repeatedly until the washing liquid no lather. 4, the selected installation position, the installation site and make a mark in accordance with the position of the screw hole drill the holes, fixing the expansion screw, fixed device 5, the device with horizontal installation, also according to the scene, to select horizontal or inverted installation place purified water what benefits: the benefits of a human body, activate cells and enhance immunity; 2, infiltration, increase metabolism; 3, dissolving power, with help digestion; 4, high oxygen content, with the Antimicrobial function; 5, water close to human cells, a health care function; 6, Ultra-low oxidation / reduction potential (OPR), remove the body of free radicals living benefits: 1. after purification by washing clothes finished, will not breed bacteria, dryNot stiff dry. 2. purified water does not boil furring. 3. The connector boiling purified water, drinking fountains. Year-round without fouling. So that the heating effect is better. 4. The purified water wash, bath, skin not dry. The purified water rinse, no bleach odor and taste. Even one week without opening the tap and turn on aging will not appear sediment, rust in pipes. Product Note: Note 1] Before the installation and use of the companys water purifier, please read the instructions carefully to install and use as needed. 2] This series of products for water for municipal tap water is unknown, please use caution. 3] This series of built-in replaceable hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, the element can effectively remove bacteria in the water there is also the magazine, suspended solids, significant improvement in water quality. 4] the best working pressure of this series is 0.1-0.3Mpa, the lowest pressure not less than 0.05Mpa. If the water supply pressure is not within this range, you can use a booster pump pressure relief valve or a way to ensure the effective operation of the system. 5] Not for another hot or cold water, temperature range of 5 ~ 45 鈩? Water temperature will directly affect the level of water production capacity of the system. Do not use water purifier installed in the hot water pipes. 6] This system should avoid direct sunlight, heat radiation and erosion of corrosive substances; When installing outdoor winter to take the necessary measures to freeze. 7] In order to facilitate storage and transport, ultrafiltration is loaded with food-grade protective agent. In the initial stage of use, should be sufficient rinsing, the rinsing time interval should be taken flushing method, each of the drain valve closed flush for 1-2 minutes 30 seconds, and then open the drain valve flush, so repeated operation, high yield within 30 minutes of water not for drinking. Protective agent will not endanger human health, only affect the taste of water. 8] water purification installation, removal should be product auto attendant professional operation. Non-professionals do not disassemble. Since the municipal pipeline pressure instability, more than 24 hours does not apply water purifiers, water purifiers always turn off the inlet valve. Use 1, the completion of the above preparations. 2, open the purge outlet valve (exhaust after 30 minutes, pay attention to rinse interval) immediately obtained PAN ultrafiltration water purification, can be used for drinking, eating, bathing. 3, opening the valve outfall, the outer surface of the membrane of the PAN can be rinsed with municipal water, washing the membrane barrier living soil and discharged water purifier. Discharging the washing water can be used for flushing toilets, watering and so useful.4, the valves always open outfall, cleaning the membrane surface, and helps to improve the efficiency of filtration membrane life. Note that if the user into competent welded pipe (galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc.), the desired connection pipe welding installation Other mounting tube replacement (note: the hands from the threaded connection), depending on the desired pipe installation and site-specific the case may be, the necessary accessories, please consult your local dealer or by the dealer responsible for resolving). Connecting device 1, in accordance with established plans, reduce or increase water supply pipeline. 2, select the appropriate components and accessories, are sequentially connected into, and the flush water pipe (hetero life with water). 3, slowly open the inlet valve, check that the water purifier and all fittings are leak free. Spill purification: Check vertical threaded cap, barrel purifier membrane module is close, two O-rings on the upper and lower membrane module is appropriate. Maintenance 1 using the first time into use, slowly open the inlet valve, so that; 1) the air within the device sufficiently drained, effectively improve the utilization film; 2) preventing water hammer of the membrane is permanently transition It damages. 2, for the first time should be given adequate flushing water purifier, the first 30 minutes not used for drinking water production, in order to avoid the protective film to bring you discomfort senses. 3, in use, there may have the ability to slow water purification equipment decay phenomenon: 1) To ensure the stable operation of equipment in use, please as many as possible on behalf of open sewage outfall rinse faucet, membrane module for direct rinse. 2) When the repeated washing is still not enhance the flux, the cleaning method may be employed: A. Remove the water purifier, so that two-thirds filled with water purifier mentioned, with plug blocking each intake water purifier good , outlet, shaken vigorously for about 5 to 10 minutes, remove residue, water purifier re-installed, one minute rinse. 3) recommends rinsing water before the water purifier and the amount of attenuation of 30% of the retentate is discharged, to ensure that the water production capacity. 4) varies in different areas of water quality, poor water quality for local, proposed to strengthen the flushing frequency and intensity. 5) When the water purifier water production capacity of attenuation to affect your normal water, please contact your dealer, send professionals. 4, water purifier replacement filter membrane in the process of treating water filters dirt will be affected by water flux, generally available unsolicited wash water flux and still not be restored to the desired level after chemical cleaning professional, you need to replace the water purification filter assembly. Filter replacement process, close the inlet, a water purifier waterValves, piping to avoid water leakage. 2. Remove the water purifier, open vertically hanging loose screw cap. Remove the membrane fouling. Note that checking and protecting the O-ring end face on the good membrane module carefully set in the groove side of the head of the membrane module. Clamping the upper and lower end cap, an intermediate annular seal on silica gel with a flange on the screw holes of the same position, having a good bolt, tighten the screws. 3, the water purifier as described above with the line connected, to ensure watertight. After rinsing water through the water purifier new membrane filtration assembly of about 30 minutes, it can be used normally. Note: replace the filter, please contact your local service provider, or call: 4006-888-163 product troubleshooting: Fault and the cause Phenomena Remedy water production decreased water pressure is too low to be without water or tap water that is returned to normal can accumulate too much air purifier inside the exhaust air entrapment was much too long time to strengthen the flushing water purifier, the raw water rinse to professionals or poor quality enhancement pretreatment or replace the filter flushing sewage water production often cloudy yarn Please fracture dislocation professional maintenance seal, leading to the raw water blowby ferromanganese raw water for a professional service exceeded pretreatment increased leakage or seepage cap is connected to professionals bad repair seal for a professional maintenance of aging displacement connector is not connected, please professional maintenance smell produced water-metachromatic increases poor quality of raw water pretreatment or post-treatment for a long time without the use of post repeatedly washed repeatedly washed with tap pipe poor quality of poor quality rust replacement pipe rear tap changing

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