Xiao Bian Analysis- water purifier Note the usof thprocess

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   Now, it is the quality of life for more and more requirements, drinking water, water purifiers increasing popularity, but you know what to pay attention to the water purifier in the course of it?

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   1, the storage tank is fragile, installation, care must be taken when moving.

   2, the storage tank upper lid of the water purifier can be opened, if the problem is not full of water, or water, in use, the cover can be directly rotated counterclockwise, that any necessary checks.

   3, if the water purifier is not applicable for a long time, the inlet valve must be closed, the discharge pressure of all the water in the tub, to check whether the normal appearance of the machine before re-use, connected to water supply in order to confirm normal the first bucket of water preparation is also recommended drained.

   [maintenance Daquan]

   1, water storage tanks belonging to the plastic material, there is a great temperature differences reflect, do not install in outdoor or damp places, whether the person will be the problem of aging Meanwhile, the useful life will be affected and shortened.

   2, water purification part of the circuit included in the system, it is best not disassemble.

   3, water purifier using membrane filter should be kept in a wet state, if the membrane filter and drying will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be recovered.

   4, more than three days without the use of water purifiers, water purifiers respond using cis rinsing repeated again for 2-5 minutes, until the water in the water purifier until the drained.

   5, since the temperature is too low in winter, the water pipe prone to bursting without water, try not to use without water during the water purification, it is best to close the water inlet valve.

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