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   human life without water, our lives can not do without water. Lack of water resources, water resources how to better circulation and configured to carry out water rights trading is a relatively good way.

寮€灞曟按鏉冧氦鏄?璁╂按璧勬簮鏇村ソ鍦版祦閫氬拰閰嶇疆 Water and Water rights trading allows better circulation and configuration (Photo from Internet) What is the trading of water rights?

   water rights trading is refers to the definition and on the basis of a reasonable allocation of water use rights on the realization of the inter-regional, inter-basin, upstream and downstream, between industries, between water users transfer the right to use river basin water resources act through the market mechanism. That ownership and use of local water resources allocated to each country, if within a certain period of time, this quota is not used up, there is a surplus, it is possible to sell the surplus water to the water needs regions, businesses and even individual users.

   Industry experts point out that this is the economic means to encourage water conservation, to implement the most stringent water management system, and promote optimal allocation and efficient use of water resources. Some analysts predict, thirteen Five-Year period, investment in environmental protection for nearly 50% of the water environment, sewage treatment enterprises with recycled water business is expected to gain market expansion opportunities, it will be a win-win government and market a good thing.

   On this topic, Another industry expert made a comment, popular to say, water rights trading is the use of water resources of water use rights will transfer all or part of the act. From the point of view transaction object, because my countrys water resources belong to the state, it was a major trading tenure. Content from the trading point of view, such as between regional governments can be traded, can be traded between the area of 鈥嬧€媡he body on the river basin downstream, it can also be traded between users within the industry or subject.

   to promote the importance of water rights transactions

   First, water rights trading may be unused water rights traded to realize the economic value of water rights, thereby energizing the water main water efficiency, get more trading space.

   Second, water rights trading can solve the problem of water shortage uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water resources caused considerable extent.

   Third, the water main incentive to seek new sources of water, such as water recycled water to ease the shortage of water resources situation. In short, by water rights transaction can not break under the premise of total water use constraints to water resourcesOptimize the allocation of sources to support sustainable economic and social development.

   water rights trading is not a new thing, it is relatively early start in foreign countries. In the United States, Australia, Chile and other countries to form their different trading patterns, these are worth our draw them in promoting water rights transaction process.

   The first water rights exchanges opened in our country, indicates that China has a national water rights trading platform trading of water rights has entered a new stage of development, will play in future transactions promoting greater or role model. Of course, the next step is to promote the trading of water rights must also accelerate the construction and improvement of supporting policies other trading rules, trading of water rights to promote the development of more standardized, effective to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of water use through water trading, water provide strong support for the sustainable development of resources.

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