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  Dare at home using low-quality water purifiers it could endanger the lives of: Tim net water purification Views: 247 Date: 2019-2-26 16:27:52 In recent years, water purifiers gradually become our daily drinking water is not available or lack of home appliances, security and quality of its effect has been that people are most concerned about. And leakage from the water purifier explosion caused by accidents are endless, just search the Internet purifier accident news you can search out a lot. This does not, recently installed in a users home kitchen water purifier inexplicable fire, thanks to early family discovered, was spared. Imagine if no one home water purifiers themselves on fire, causing a major fire, and if the accident occurred, not a single simple financial loss, life and health more seriously. After reading this news, small series and now my heart is scared, afraid to even think then the water purifier. But in fact, want to avoid this accident is also not difficult to buy a water purifier is the key! Select water filter when not freeloaders, be sure to choose the regular brand, excellent quality brand choice, to avoid economic losses and economic disputes because choosing the wrong caused. Cheap and expensive things differ in it? Expensive things in addition to expensive, the other what is good; cheap things, in addition to cheap, what else is not good. Buy low-quality water purifiers, which means we have to bear a wide range of hazards, such as: 1, circuit problems: poor quality water purifier using a transformer, causing a circuit malfunction, resulting in the loss of family property, vile no longer started. 2, water problems: poor quality water purifier using inferior water, small workshops filter member over the water bottle, precision and robustness not standard, commonly used in the six months, often leaks. Soaked floors, cabinets, walls, etc., so that the user is injured. 3, pressure drums problems: pressure tank explosion, though it is a small probability event, but who do not want the family cupboard overturned days. Small manufacturers without qualification pressure tank liner material is poor, resulting in secondary pollution. 4, machine failure and more, can not be used: inside and outside the water purifier is a two-cycle system, many failures are systemic problems, problems belong to the mothers womb, difficult to repair, the user only when the garbage thrown away tears. 5, filter difference: This year, the scammers have been advancing with the times. Two years ago in the filter is placed directly into pebbles, and now it is to continue to put activated carbon, PP surface will be put, also from the appearance of an outsiderReally can not tell, but are often of poor quality material, Duanjinshaoliang, excessive heavy metals, etc., more deceptive. 6, water filtration worse: the difference filter, a material difference, the difference between the storage tank / tanks, such a machine not directly filtered water to drink tap water. For example, a plastic wading could be recycled plastic (commonly known as the feed back) to do, how to ensure the safety of drinking water?

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