What kind of fried glass easy

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   is easy to use glasses when fried, because glass materials and textures and shapes will have a direct relationship, produced using glass, be sure to master the correct way to use.




We all know that when the glass is easy to use fried, fried reason is to pour hot water, because the glass at a relatively low temperature environment which is poured into a very large number hot, warm inside there will be expansion of the phenomenon, but outside of the outer layer is quite cool, too late in the process of expansion, it is not possible to achieve synchronization results, thus giving rise to burst. 2020-06-04 just as we explain in detail what kind of glass is easy to fry.


into the water in which the cup, when it is prone to explosion, which is more common phenomenon of the glass, the glass having a main effect of uneven expansion, when the hot water into the cup, the inner and outer walls of the cup under the state can not be achieved while being heated, it is easy to show a rapid expansion of the outer wall at the same time not to go when the heat is cooled, so will Shattering the glass. Glass will be fried, we must pay attention to the correct use of glass, so as not to explode.


In order to prevent the glass explosion, we are able to learn some of the best fraud prevention tips, so as to not to use glass caused by burst, put an iron or stainless steel spoon small spoon in the cup, then the water slowly poured into the cup. So that the cup will not burst. This is because when the water to be poured into the bottom of the cup, has not had time before with hot glass (poor conductor of heat), a portion of the hot water will give a good conductor metal teaspoon, therefore, reduced the temperature of boiling water it became boiling hot water from the water, there is nothing to hinder the glass. As the water continued to pour into it, for the cup is not so terrible, because the cup has had time slightly on hot.


safety glasses is still relatively high, because in the usual family life, glass application time is relatively long, but because in the use of glass, security will still have scruples , so when eating out, we are the best choice stainless steel cup or mug, in which the number of families here suggest that you lift the glass will be relatively high, must be based on their own needs to healthy drinking water, so be sure to have a good family drinking Tips, While avoiding the risk of serious injury glass body.




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