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   one week inventory information, knowledge of industry trends. Last week, we focus on the following hot spots: CCCG 2.9 billion shares falling real source of clean water hammer; 2019 Shanghai International Exhibition Closes water; commercial water purification Patio official website new on-line; financial "bucket" The world water industry summit forum combustion Jingdong 6.18 ; He is still 2019, "let love continue" theme of public season underway.

   more exciting content, all in micro-assessment period have expected!


   Communications Group 2.9 billion stake in the clean water source falling real hammer

   June 4, high-tech environmental protection enterprise clean water source (Quotes 300,070) announcement shows that clean water source share transfer agreement and the supplemental agreement signed with the cross-wholly owned subsidiary of China Urban and Rural Holdings Limited (referred to as "Chinese urban and rural areas"), by China Communications construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Communications Group") approval, agreement has been take effect, this means that Chinese urban and rural clean water source became the second largest shareholder.



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   micro-assessment: I believe the two sides work together, clean water source technology will have greater use of force , the CCCC Group is also able to play a bigger role as the backbone of the country, to maximize synergies, the process of building national ecological environment has brought a major role in promoting, from the national strategic level to solve the ecological problems of the country Chinese peoples water problems.

   2019 Shanghai International Water Exhibition Closes

   June 3, the annual Shanghai International Water Fair officially kicked off. Shanghai Water Show as the annual feast of water purification industry, with 250,000 square meters of exhibition space, brings together 3,400 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions, more than nearly 100,000 professional visitors from 72 countries and regions participating. It can be said visiting the water show, it has become the industry determine the future trend of the important basis.

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   micro-assessment: three days the exhibition attracted a large crowd, it also brings a lot of business opportunities for exhibitors. So far, the Amsterdam RAI InternationalConvention Center and the Haihe Rui Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted by Shanghai International Water Exhibition successful conclusion! We are looking forward to meet again next year!

   Patio commercial water purification official website new on-line

   June 5, commercial water purification Patio official website new on-line. It is reported that the official website will provide our clients and partners to provide a full range of commercial Patio water purifier product information, the freshest and commercial water purification as well as a wealth of information Patio case of commercial cooperation, so that more customers more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the Patio commercial water purifier, commercial water purification Patio enjoy different places, different customers tailor-made solutions for drinking water.



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   micro-assessment: The on-line commercial water purification Patio official website, will help to further promote the Qin Park commercial water purification brand image, so that enterprises with network communication skills, and access to customer feedback through the website in a timely manner. The most important point is that good corporate official website can attract potential customers to a large extent, in order to establish business contacts with potential customers.

   financial "bucket" The world water industry summit forum combustion Jingdong 6.18

   May 29, 2019 Summit successfully held water industry, this summit to melt "bucket" cosmopolitan theme, with no clean water bucketing Alliance was founded as an opportunity to promote knowledge of healthy drinking water to consumers and actively promote the "no bucket" of water purification concept. In building future development of water purifier, as "the worlds 618 years Jingdong Shopping Festival" appliance Channel important warm-up activities of water purification Jingdong promotional activities also has entered the countdown, and Philips cooperation Jingdongs first custom C2M machine will also line on June 1 heavy.



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   micro-assessment: With the improvement of living standards, consumers are more pursuit of quality of life, water purification products many consumers have become necessities of life, but with the replacement of the times, believe product upgrades will also become the inevitable development of the water purifier.

   He is still 2019, "Let love continue" theme of public season underway

   June 5, people love public deer Yongbo Universal Double Diamond Ambassador, sent a total value of 18.8 million yuan health supplies, visit the Heilongjiang Province Mudanjiang City Aimin District He is still small deer YongboScience, Heilongjiang Province, five five-star Town He is still deer Yongbo primary Yangming District and Zhucheng Xinxing He is still deer Yongbo primary school. Mr. Lu Yongbo although not personally visit, but still mindful of school children, sent a gift of love symbolizes Sincere love deer Yongbo Mr. boost education, after rain showers nourish children growth and success.



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   micro-assessment: This is yet He proposed Community Foundation, "Let Love continued," the eighth year, encourage and appeal to business partners love and dedication, showing the public He is still youthful vigor of brand vitality. As long as we do and do it, it will be able to help them improve their lives.

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