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   water purifier manufacturers too often proposed promotion policy will continue to profit reduction sales agents, we can say that cheap promotional marketing is "Kill a thousand, since the loss of twelve hundred," certainly go a long time to make ends meet ultimately manufacturers and merchants suffered serious losses. In the more competitive environment, water purifier manufacturers but also to optimize the internal management and better grasp the initiative in competition.

   Wanquan water purification implementation of the implementation of precision marketing strategy, customer service, from the general direction of view, the water purification industry is in a period of rapid development. This is because consumer demand for personalized water purifier, has gradually awakening under its own water purification industry demand and stimulate their demand for water purifiers is increasing, thus contributing to the overall water purifier industry sales the amount of the increase. On the other hand, enter the second decade of the 21st century, and now the main consumer into a water purifier from 80,90. These consumers advocating freedom, the pursuit of individuality.

   due to the growing competition in the industry, many low-cost water purifier manufacturers have promotion by means to reduce the way to maintain profits and sales, to ensure market share, but continuous rise in production costs that doomed mode can not be sustained;

   then in this market situation, a water purifier manufacturers should pay attention to establish a brand beliefs, increase new product development efforts. On the basis of the insight into market trends, seize the psychological needs of consumers, the development of personalized new products; Second, we must build brand culture, marketing strategies and improve the quality of personnel, and gradually establish and improve after-sales service system.

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   It is because of better clear understanding of the industry trends, as water purifiers top ten brands of Wanquan up the implementation of the implementation of precision marketing strategy.

   of net Wanquan water experts say: precise marketing strategy or not, largely determine sales performance products, water purifier brands growth was mainly attributed to the following four aspects, so Wanquan of the major efforts in the following areas: [ 123]

   first of all, not only increase the original dealer sales, but also constantly adding new distributors, the water purifier market share of the "cake chassis" bigger and bigger;

   Secondly, Wanquan up will actively explore new marketing channels, such as product placement, experiential marketing, marketing scene interpretation, etc., can greatly expand sales model.

   again, intensified marketing, advertising investment increasedPlus, will further expand the water purifier brand influence, enhance brand reputation.

   Finally, in the water purification industry under huge demand of the market backdrop, Wanquan sure that the dealer network of sales remained stable rise; to ensure a steady increase in auto sales, it is necessary to ensure product quality increase market support for efforts to accelerate new product development, on these three points, Wanquan up with practical action to give sales agents to ensure that, in order to ensure the quality of products, the introduction of high-standard production line to ensure that every process can be the responsibility of the people, from production processes to ensure product quality is the best solution; in the market support, can be completely resident or specify personalized marketing programs as required distribution agents

   Wanquan bound up. identify market positioning, customer orientation, brand positioning. Strengthen its core competitiveness in order to promote the development of the industry as their duty and continue to regulate the orderly development of the industry. Wanquan up by many to clear and effective business objectives, in order to improve performance.

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