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   water, looked clean, in fact, not necessarily. The residual chlorine in the water inside and small plastic particles, long-term consumption may cause liver damage and stomach, especially the liver and stomach faulty people, should pay attention! One summer, water has shares odor, rust, small insect decomposed body is the culprit, brush your teeth with this water, wash, bathe, wash the fruit, not the disease was strange!

   According to the State environmental statistics department data, in Chinas seven large river systems, nearly half are not suitable for drinking water sources, water pollution in the city is even more serious pollution of the river has reached frightening proportions 78%, groundwater is also cause for concern, the general groundwater are contaminated.

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   In addition to contaminated water, chlorine in tap water pollution is one of the killers, chlorine content exceeded, may lead to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, etc., but our water plant is still widely used precipitation filtration, chlorination of water treatment processes conventional processing, during processing, chlorine with organic matter, humic substance combination that trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, etc., which are stronger than chlorine organic pollutants, not alarmist.

   Finally, a contamination in the transmission route, in the transmission process by the tap secondary pollution of water distribution network. Very much in tap water after treatment, after leaving the factory, to go through a long pipe network and high-rise towers, water tanks and other facilities in the transmission process, increase tap water contaminants, rust, dirt, bacteria and so direct affect the water quality of tap water, after they interact, will produce more and more toxic chemicals. Many harmful substances is to boil the water can not be removed.

   So, for your healthy drinking water, install water purifiers as soon as possible Oh!

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