Reverse osmosis water purification mechanism of w slowly, ap

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  Reverse osmosis water purification mechanism of water slowly, a water purifier film blocked it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 240 Published: 2019-4-22 16:08:00 "pure water" is a commonly known in many places, also known as RO reverse osmosis water purifier, reverse osmosis, or RO water purifier. The reason reverse osmosis water purification mechanisms of water slowly, many people attributed blocked for RO membranes, changing membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, said: "I blame myself, I do not back this pot" ~ In actual fact, lead to slower pure water as well as mechanisms other reasons ~ 鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘存満鍒舵按鎱紝鏄噣姘存満鑶滃牭浜嗗悧锛? width= 1 a reason, factors affecting membrane fouling of membrane fouling: 1, the use of time film is long, and some have been using for two years, three years, or longer. According to the instructions written in the life of the film is one and a half to two years. Life of the membrane have to consider the factors of water and raw water, the raw water quality and water amount and lifetime of the membrane is generally proportional. 2, pre-filter element for a long time does not change, causing water concentration inside the machine siltation, much to poor water quality before it enters the machine. 3, the raw water quality is poor, but a small proportion of concentrated water, concentrated water resulting in flushing solenoid valve, or a combination of the valves, and thus the machine does not discharge concentrated water, or concentrated water discharge little, then, the film in the expected short-lived a. 4, quality of the film per se is poor. Those prices to be more like how low is low, bad street film, you expect it to be good to go? 2 reasons: filter clogging analogy, water purifier filter as "kidney", the effluent water quality water purifier our body depends not only on the quality of the filter element, but also depends on whether the service life of the filter be replaced, if the filter too long, not to replace, it will cause water blockage, water getting smaller and smaller, long-term use will result in the entire water purification system is contaminated, so users should cultivate good habits replace the filter regularly. General specifications purifier manufacturers nor the presence of unauthorized charges, costs for the core is not high. Cotton 3 Rear activity blockage This occurs after the replacement of the activated carbon. Because toner and more, there is no rush to open. Therefore, the general granular activated carbon filter can not be installed too full (not to cut corners), to reserve space filling, on the one hand to ensure that the water, on the one hand activated itself also has expansion coefficient. Water production rate and the temperature of low temperature of the RO membrane 4 has a lot, the hottest does not exceed 40 degrees, the minimum of not less than 5 degrees. The optimum temperature is generally 25 degrees. 25 degrees prevail, generally once every reduction, water production decreases3%. So the speed of water in winter than in summer is generally reduced by half and even more. Users need to be cautious in rural areas freezing cold, sometimes freezing winter will filter bottles, membrane shell, concentrated water line on the outside and do not export winter. 5 small booster pump booster pump small, usually occurs in the life of more than two years of reverse osmosis water purifier, pure water or a long period working condition. Principle pure water purifier machine manufactured by manufacturers is driven by a pump to boost pressure of the water through the reverse osmosis membrane suitable desired, household water purifiers generally about 6-7 kilograms, commercial reverse osmosis unit typically 4 to about 6 kg. Users increased water consumption, water pollution, are likely to cause the pump to the shortened life expectancy.

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