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  Before the water purifier sales today than 10 brands Phipps teach you 5:00 buy water purifier tips! A few years ago a new house decoration must buy televisions, washing machines these appliances, but in recent years a new house decoration, in addition to those who will buy household appliances, but also more than a family to make drinking water safer pleasant new favorite - home water purifier. But the market water purifier brand complicated, how to choose a easy to use water purifiers become a major bothering consumers. There are many consumers on the web by searching "water purifier which brand is easy to use," "water purifier brand ranking reputation" and to understand that today high-end water purifiers top ten brands Phipps for everyone to provide the choice of 7 strokes water purification methods, to solve everyones troubles. 浠婂ぉ鍑€姘村櫒閿€閲忓墠鍗佸搧鐗岃彶娴︽柉鏁欐偍5鐐归€夎喘鍑€姘村櫒鐨勬妧宸э紒 the use of safety chapter 1, waterway choice: no design of integrated water purifier water fittings more, there is a risk of leakage. We recommended to choose integrated waterway design to reduce pipe connections, effectively reducing the risk of leakage. 2, if there is water leak-proof design: the kitchen more humid environment, water easily cause malfunctions household appliances, the proposed selection of circuit boards gluing process water purifier, fear damp environment, effectively prevent the occurrence of machine failure short-circuit boards the condition occurs. Easy to use article 3, whether there are for the core reminder: not for the core water purifier also remind the user adds a lot of problems, often have to wait to drink out of the water taste worse to think want to change the core, increasing the risks of unsafe water quality . Recommend at water purification filter life, a core of a light, always be aware of each stage filter life. 4, filter replacement are convenient: general water purifier for the core difficulties, need to find a professional technical staff recommended Snap-filter design, convenient three seconds for the core, ask for help. Water quality and safety chapter 5, choose activated carbon: The activated carbon is to improve the taste of water, but can easily be contaminated activated carbon, activated carbon is recommended to choose the special treatment of the bacteria. 6, metal ions selected ordinary metal faucet faucet precipitation will be harmful to human health, and lead-free faucets plastic material easy to aging, not durable. We recommended to choose 304 stainless steel, professional lead-free processing, the last twenty centimeters of protection, more texture. 7, selection pressure tank pressurized water purifier tank at more kitchen space. Recommended to choose non-pressure tank water purifier, save space. Water purifier buying tips described here, if you want to know more [skills] to buy water purifier and water purification industries or products join the agency more details on the offerYou can micro-channel search (Phipps) Follow us, a message box can also be found online customer service consulting in this page, to receive "product Atlas", "factory direct supply specifications Quote Form" and other information package!

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