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   You know after a heavy rain, wading through the water you how dirty it? Since June, South my country and other places suffered a series of six times during heavy rainfall, leading to frequent rain in most parts of southern obviously more precipitation than normal over the same period. The rain lasted for a long time, great strength, so Guangxi, Hunan and other places flooding. While heavy rains causing inconvenience to the production and life of urban residents, but also a security risk to healthy drinking water, drainage pipes and other urban infrastructure and public.



   Xiao Bian again to remind the public to pay close attention at home drinking water quality, such as changes in color, taste. Storm attacks on urban water supply security posed a severe test.

   First, imperfect water source protection, water quality deterioration intrusion

   the large agricultural spraying pesticide residues, sewage, garbage, etc. with the strong currents are likely to flow into or flowing water sources, the environmental Protection Agency had tested the source water quality after last years storm.

   Second, the rainwater directly into the water pipe, or the secondary water tank

   damaged by the rainwater pipe, breaks into the water pipe, and the top secondary water tank if the seal on the top floor and bad can lead to direct water to enter. So if water turbidity found in the home, there are earthy phenomenon, immediately stop drinking.


   storm, rain can easily enter the water supply pipe, resulting in contaminated drinking water, leading to bacillary dysentery, typhoid and other intestinal diseases.

   to avoid the pain of the fear of water after heavy rain, fresh water plus tips

   precipitation boil before drinking:

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   Since a large number of entrainment of sediment often heavy rain, but also easy with a variety of bacteria, in tap water is usually added to the higher concentrations of chlorine disinfection. Large containers with water and let stand 2-3 hours, allowing water to sediment, sand and other material will be deposited at the bottom of the container, you can scoop out the upper clean water, then boil water before drinking after, do not students to drink, to avoid bacteria and chlorine drink youll feel. After the boiling water, cover may be open kettle 3-5 minutesMinutes and ventilated, so that related compounds such as trihalomethanes chlorine to evaporate, re drinking, reduce the chance of drink into carcinogens.

   plus installation of a fresh water purifier:

   Although the boiled water to drink, but in fact only boiled water kill bacteria, and can not eliminate heavy metals and impurities in the mud and water of oxygen and beneficial substances are also due to heat loss. The operation is also troublesome, in fact, plus the installation of a fresh water purifier, you can always drink the healthy water.

   Southern heavy rainfall will weaken, but still Guangxi local rainfall. Please timely public attention to the latest weather forecast warning information to the prevention of medium and small rivers flood caused by continuous heavy rainfall possible, urban and rural waterlogging, flash floods geological disasters. Ordinary people and volunteers and numerous fresh water plus the flood together to flood, welcome to take the final victory.

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